Why Do We Sweat While Eating Food 

As you know our bodies have a default cooling system inside that triggers on when the temperature both inside and outside the body raises, this mechanism produces liquid or fluid to bring the temperature on the normal side. It is understandable to sweat in hot climate or after a long run but if you get sweat while eating food then it is erxceptional. Several people tend to produce sweat or perspiration at the time they consume food and this generates irrespective of the contents of the food. This condition in medical terms is called as gustatory sweating where the person feels sweat beads form up in and around mouth and scalp every time they consume food. It is true that formation of sweat at this untimely condition makes the person go thinking ‘'why do I sweat when I eat'' but actually this does not produce any harm or damage to the body. This type of sweating only appears on the face and sometimes on the neck but the action is totally involuntary and appears like a reflex of body on eating.

The exact cause of sweating while eating is still unknown to scientists and researchers but there are ranges of hypotheses on the condition. With proper research they have food some factors that might trigger formation of sweat around the face while eating foods. The first factor that affects this condition is the type or temperature of food. It is seen even in normal person when he consumes hot food or extremely spicy ingredients that easily trigger sweating in the predefined areas. It is also ab muscle twitch observed in the gustatory sweating where the person starts sweating as soon as he looks at food (hot temperatures) or take first bite. After consumption of hot or spicy foods it is seen that the temperature of body rises from the normal. This thereby gives signal to the body system that is working on the department and secretes fluid to the surface to bring the temperature down.

Another factor that triggers sweating when eating is not related to the type or quality of food but is related to underlying medical condition. It is seen that several diseases that affect the nerves or nervous system trigger the production of sweat while eating food. Some common examples could be diabetes (both types) and Parkinson's disease. In the case of diabetes, the person with poorly controlled sugar or kidney malfunctions tends to show gustatory sweating when eating. Other conditions that induce nerve damage such as particular surgery or a strain of viruses also induce gustatory sweating in the person. When the nerves get affected either by disease or by surgery it disturbs the normal working of sympathetic nervous system that is responsible to produce sweat and perspiration in the body. Therefore in such cases the disbalance triggers unusual occurrence of sweating and gustatory sweating which could be treated medically.

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