White Rings Around Iris: Should I Be Worried? 

As individuals' daily lifestyles get more complicated, individuals would tend to neglect their health conditions. Instead of having constant body checkups, today's individuals are more concern with living up to the high demand of the society while trying to improve their lifestyles through the accepting of more work to the extent that many would not even have time for themselves. It is important to realize that even small problems in our bodies will lead to serious circumstances, and thus, we must have constant awareness with the unfamiliar changes in our bodies and in the same time, seeking a solution as soon as we found out that something is wrong.

A good example of a health problem many individuals would tend to neglect is the situation when white rings appear around the iris. Many would think that something small like that would not threaten their health but the fact is, this could actually lead to serious circumstances if it is not well treated. The white rings appearing around the iris is known as arcus senilis. Some individuals have this ever since they were born, whereas some may only appear after a certain period of time. These white rings around the iris are especially common with elder people.

balls in back of throat There are many causes that may lead to the forming of white rings around the iris. The level of cholesterol in one's body might be one of the reasons. The higher the cholesterol level in one's body, the higher the chance for one to have white rings forming around his/her iris. However, if white rings are formed around the iris of middle-aged individuals or the elderly, it might not be the result of having a cholesterol level which is too high in their bodies. Although it might cause certain frustrations and annoyance seeing the white rings around your iris when you are looking into the mirror, it will not affect your eye's vision.

If young teenagers or adults find white rings formed around their iris, they can head on to any nearby clinic or meeting their family doctor for some advise in treating this problem. Most doctors will start off with the measuring of one's cholesterol level in one's body in order to determine the root behind the problem. If you are diagnosed of having a cholesterol level which is too high for your age, it is recommended for you to cut down on food with high cholesterol level and in the same time, be careful of your diet so that you can lessen the risk of the problem and also take care of your health in the same time. Some would find the white rings forming around their iris to be a good warning in informing them about their high cholesterol level in their bodies; whereas some might find them worrying and disturbing. It's all up to how you are going to look at this matter and how you attempt to face it.

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