What Does Pregnancy Spotting Look Like? 

What is Spotting?

One day during early pregnancy stage, when you wipe after going to the toilet or when you see a little of blood on your underwear, you may be alarmed! Well, do not fear because it may not always bring a bad meaning to you. Generally, spotting is some sort of minor bleeding during pregnancy. It can occur in any stages of pregnancy no matter it is at the early stage or later stage. What does spotting look like during pregnancy?

How Does It Look Like?

‘What does pregnancy spotting look like?' is a very common question among most of the pregnant women. Well, spotting is minor bleeding and it can be in several colors. For instance, it can be pink, red or even brown. Brown is more like the color of blood which has dried off. Besides, spotting is slightly different from bleeding as spotting is very light bleeding.

Causes of Spotting

As a matter of fact, there are many causes of pregnancy spotting. Therefore, it must not be a bad sign but do not expect to spot as it will bring more worries to you during your pregnancy. Knowing what does pregnancy spotting look like can be a good thing too as it can help you to stay calm because you are well prepared and informed.

Well, one of the causes of spotting is sex. Sometimes, after a sexual intercourse, pregnant women may experience spotting. This is very common and if you notice minor bleeding of your vagina after having sex, you do not have to worry much!

Besides, spotting can be caused by internal examination. For instance, the Pap smear test can cause minor bleeding as it involves the insertion of testing equipment into the vagina.

Normal infections like yeast or bacterial infection can also cause minor bleeding of the vagina. This is because these microorganisms can cause vagina to be irritated and itchy. If it becomes serious, it will cause spotting as well.

The most serious case that pregnant women are fear of is miscarriage. Spotting can also signal miscarriage and it usually comes with abdomen pain. Therefore, most pregnant women are afraid of spotting due to this reason. If you suspect that you may have miscarriage when you find out that you experience spotting, call your personal doctor or any doctor right away and arrange for a checkup. You cannot risk your health and your baby.

In a nutshell, knowing what does spotting look like during pregnancy is a must to every pregnant woman. If you gain more knowledge and information about spotting, you will know exactly what to do when it happens to you. Panicking at the lysine herpes eleventh hour just won't help!