What Causes the Urge to Urinate all The Time? 

This condition is also known as frequent urination, and by frequent they mean more than eight times a day. The average person will typically urinate four to eight times a day. Sometimes this will only happen for a short period of time but if it is continues for more than a few days, you should make an appointment with your physician to find out the cause of the underlying problem.

Some Potential Factors

According to studies done, men are less likely to develop this condition than women but depending on the cause, both men and women may be equally affected. One of the getting pregnant on the pill first things that you need to do is see how much fluids you are taking in on a daily basis, especially before and shortly after bedtime. If are not drinking too many fluids it is time to look for an underlying medical condition.

A common cause is diabetes mellitus. When a person has diabetes, the glucose will start to accumulate in your blood due to an insufficient secretion of insulin, which is a hormone. It accumulates in your blood because it is not getting carried to the cells for energy production. Because the glucose levels are high, the body will start to get rid of the glucose that is not used through your urine so you will start to urinate more.

Other factors include:

l Kidney problems including kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, and kidney failure

l Tumors on your bladder

l Having an urinary tract infection

l Interstitial cystitis

l Bladder carcinoma

l Nephritis

l Multiple sclerosis

l Stress

l Overactive thyroid gland

l Neurological diseases such as a stroke

l Involuntary urination and the inability to control the flow of your urine

l Small bladder


l Overactive bladder syndrome

l Side effects of medications such as diuretics

l Being pregnant.

Another cause could be aging because as you get older, the muscles of your urethra, pelvic floor, and bladder become weaker, causing your bladder to lose the ability to properly eliminate or hold more urine. There have also been some people who have had to undergo radiation treatments who complain of having to urinate more frequently.

When it comes to men, some of the causes could be:

l Enlarged prostrate

l Prostrate cancer

l Prostates

As you can see, some causes of the constant urge to urinate no pain is felt making people think that it is a normal happening and will clear up in a couple days, or that they have drank too much liquid.

In Conclusion

How frequent urination is treated depends on the cause. It is best to see your physician to find out the cause so you can get the proper treatment. If it is some type of kidney or urinary tract infection, the doctor may prescribe a round of antibiotics to clear it up. Being pregnant and constant urination is generally caused by the excess pressure of the growing baby on her kidneys. To help prevent kidney or urinary tract infections make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to flush out your kidneys plus you can also drink a glass of cranberry juice several times a week or take a cranberry supplement daily.

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