What Causes Pain in Chest and Back at Left Side 

Chest pain on the left side of body often triggers the panic button in most of the patients because it is directly linked to heart attack or other heart related problems. When it is accompanied with back pain it could still indicate towards heart problems and cause tensions amongst the person. To start with, there are many conditions that cause which may or may not be linked to heart status. There are certain medical disorders such as costochondritis that cause the left side pain due to the inflammation of the cartilage present in bones of ribs. Similarly there are certain early sign disorders such as angina that cause pain in chest and back and indicate towards heart attack or disease. Sometimes the pain in left side with the back is associated with common reasons such as acid reflux or gas traps. In short the symptom is linked with all major and minor medical conditions that need to be understood in order to distinguish the symptoms associated with pain.


Angina is a condition where the person gets chest and back pain left sidedue to the exhaustive physical routine or heavy exercises. While performing heavy activities if the person gets pain in left chest, back, lower jaw, neck and shoulder then it is contributed as angina. Angina is serious because it most often indicates to a dreadful heart disease that is coronary artery disorder. This pain is best described as tightness or stiffness in chest, pressure feeling on the chest and back and sometimes difficulty of breathing. This pain often shifts to the above mentioned positions and do not constrain on the chest or back. The immediate advice for this condition is to lie down and take rest and visit the heart specialist asap.

Rib inflammation/injury

People always associate chest and back pain left side with heart attack but the truth is heart attack doesn't cause sharp pain in the chest on left side. It could be due to damage caused to the walls of chest, lungs, muscles, ribs and other organs situated in vicinity. Te most common is a cyst, inflammation or injury to ribs that give sheer pain both in chest and back that too on left side. This pain often felt in shoulder blades along with back and chest.


This is inflammation of cartilage that connects bones of breast to the rib cage. The intensity of pain in this condition is often sever and needs immediate medical care. The pregnant after abortion doctors prescribe medications to reduce the inflammation and thereby the pain subsides in few weeks.

Abdominal disorders

Certain abdominal problems such as gallbladder stones or diseases, peptic ulcers, pancreatitis and others cause the chest pain in lower side where the stomach is situated. Inflammation to the tract could also give rise to chest pain that is mistaken for heart attack.

Upper left chest and back pain and other pain should be taken seriously because it also indicates for cardiac arrest hence immediate medical intervention is advised.

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