Vicodin Withdrawal 

What is Vicodin?

Vicodin is a drug substance used to relieve severe pain which combines hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. Vicodin is abused drug and a controlled substance where there is a legal control of its usage and sale. Vicoding is a pain medication often prescribed by avhealth practitioner to reduce severe pain. Since it is narcotic, withdrawal symptoms may happen if discontinued unexpectedly. It is not life threatening symptoms, although it may be quite unlikable and uncomfortable for one who stopped consuming this drug.

What are the common symptoms resulting from withdrawal of Vicodin?

Vicodin withdrawal doesn’t have any life threatening symptoms. However, one may feel symptoms of Vicodin withdrawal are as follows:

l body aches and pains

l nausea

l vomiting

l diarrhea

l stomach cramps

l loss of appetite

l nervousness, restlessness, or irritability

l chills, shivering, or trembling

l trouble sleeping

l fast heartbeat

l fevers

l runny nose or eyes, and sneezing

l goose bumps

l increased sweating

l increased yawning

l dilated (unusually large) pupils

l depression

l constipation

All the warning signs may not affect every consumer as these symptoms do not indicate an allergy to Vicodin.

Are there any interactions between Vicodin with my other vagina medicines?

l Consult your doctor if you experience:

l Liver disease

l Kidney disease

l Head injury

l Severe abdominal pain

l Hypothyroidism

l Addision’s disease

l Enlarged Prostate

l Lung disease

l History of drug or alcohol addict

l Any allergies

Why do Vicodin withdrawal symptoms occur?

Vicodin withdrawal symptoms occur when you are trying to stop consuming and reducing dosage of Vicodin too quickly.  Sometimes, a person experienced symptoms from Vicodin withdrawal due to Vicodin addict, or often refers as Vicodin abuse.

When do I know to withdraw Vicodin?

Stop taking Vicodin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because research has proven that Vicodin can cause birth defects, fever, fast breathing and other narcotic withdrawal symptoms.

How to withdraw Vicodin medications?

You can first start off by consulting your doctor to decrease the dosage in your Vicodin. This is to prevent from Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. You should not stop from withdrawing Vicodin abruptly as to optimize the reduction of the symptoms. Tell your doctor if you are experiencing uncomfortable and unpleasant conditions as your doctor can filter your dosage. Other than that, you can also post your symptoms to health forums on the internet so that other person who is dealing with the same symptoms can give you some advice on how you can deal with your Vicodin withdrawal symptoms. You can also reduce Vicodin symptoms by taking it with your food.

You can find other alternatives to cope resulting from Vicodin withdrawal such as acupuncture, hypnosis and herbal remedies.  Burprenorphine, a type of opioid may be prescribed by your doctor to overcome symptoms caused by Vicodin withdrawal.