Tranexamic acid 

Tranexamic acid is a tablet commonly known as Lysteda in the US. It is known as Cyklokapron in IV form in the US and Australia market. In Asia, it is called as Transcam and in South America as Espercil. This tablet is known as Femstrual and Cyclo-F in the UK. Tranexamic is a synthetic derivative of amino acid lysine. The tranexamic acid is an antifibrinolytic that inhibits the plasminogen to plasmin activation.

This tablet is used to prevent and treat excessive blood loss during surgery and other medical situations. Normally, tranexamic acid is used to major surgeries like liver transplant, cardiac, vascular and large orthopedic procedures. This tablet can help in reducing death by helping the acute patients who have significant bleeding due to trauma.

Tranexamic acid also has side effects just like other medicines. Some of the side effects are muscle pain, spasms, cramps, nasal, sinus congestion, stomach pain, tiredness, headache and join pain. Tranexamic acid can also cause severe side effects like rash, itching, breathing difficulty, tightness in chest and throat and swelling in the mouth, face , lips and tongue. This is followed by severe headache, vomiting, vision changes like disturbance in color vision, field of vision and sharpness. Other than that, it can also cause coughing up blood, difficulty in urinating, numbness on arm and leg and seizures.

This medicine is taken by mouth, normally 2 to 4 times daily as prescript by doctor. The dosage of the tablet depends on the medical conditions, response to treatment and length of the treatment that is being experienced by the patient. The dosage may also be given based on the patient's weight. However, patients are advised not to increase the dose that is given by the doctors.

There is no specific food that need to be excluded when a patient start taking the Tranexamic Acid 500 mg. This tablet does not interact with alcohol as well. It is proven that Tranexamic acid 500 mg does not transmit into breast milk during sodium and blood pressure breast feeding. This is a good news for mothers that are feeding their babies.

It is always good to keep the Tranexamic acid in a original container. This applies practically in all medicines. Patients are advisable not to take Tranexamic acid that shows any packaging damage and etc. Most importantly, this tablet should be out of sight and reach of the children.

The Tanexamic acid 500 mg is a prescription only medicine or POM that is used for heavy periods or menorrhagia, nose bleeds, prostate surgery, cervical surgery, tooth removal, bleeding inside the eye and hereditary disease called angioneurotic oedama. Normally, when a person bleed, his or her body will automatically form the clots to stop the bleeding. However, for some people, these clots can cause too much bleeding due to clots break down. Tranexamic acid 500 mg will stop the clots break down and reduce unwanted bleeding.

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