throbbing pain in breast during pregnancy 

When you began to enter the phase of pregnancy, it is common for every pregnant women to experience a throbbing pain in breast during pregnancy. The throbbing pain in breast experienced is a sign and symptoms of breast tenderness with increased sensitivity in terms of physical contact and also the experience of soreness and swelling. While the extent of these symptoms may varies in every women, you may feel painful and easily annoyed everyday. However, it is not a matter that you should extremely worry about because it is perfectly normal unless you are experiencing these symptoms when you are not pregnant at all. Generally in the fourth and sixth week of pregnancy, these symptoms will develop and appear on its own but not for long.

These symptoms will usually go away on its own by the end of the first trimester, it might also be accompanied by a stabbing pain in breast during the first trimester period. Certain women might experience the sensation of stabbing pain in breast, and again it is not something that we should be worry of. Most women will not experience these symptoms anymore in the second and third trimester. The reason why the breast tenderness occurs during pregnancy is because of the hormonal changes that is required to feed the baby with your breast milk which already has most of the essential nutrition required for the growth of the baby. The increased hormones level which consist of estrogen and progesterone is required for the development of the baby, the blood will rush to your breast during this process making the breast more tender and sensitive to touch.

There will be a significant change in breast size which comes together with milk-producing cells and milk ducts in the breast. The severity of breast tender is dependant upon a women age and the number of children which she had previously given birth to. A younger and first time mother will tend to experience more breast discomfort which is normal. In order to make your breast more comfortable and better during the pregnancy period, it is important to take note of things that will help to reduce pain while keeping your breast nice and comfortable at all times. Make sure you only wear bras that fits properly, it can't either be too tight nor loose. Seeking for help from professional advice before purchasing a bra is very crucial, or visiting a maternity stores to get measured.

Purchase more cotton bras to allow a proper air flow, cotton is the most comfortable material which is perfectly suitable for bras. Try not to purchase an underwire bras, there is a risk of cutting and restriction of the blood flow to that particular area. Get a different bras that is meant for exercising which can be found in sports store. If you tend to feel a sore at night, change to a cotton sleep bra instead to elevate the discomfort. Get a bra which is double the size of your breast at current as it allows your breast to grow can you still get pregnant if your tubes are tied into it in the future. Take a warm bath at night to relieve the swelling before bed, and lastly if your breast keeps throbbing or feeling hot get a cool facecloth and place in on that area to reduce discomfort.