The True Story of Quinoa Protein Content 

Even though quinoa was well known to human beings from many years but now it is taken as wonder grain for the claimed high protein contents that match to meat or eggs. Several quinoa makers are spreading the news that this wonder grain is a souvenir for veggies as it gives the necessary protein or amino acids to be specific that are required to body and are not available in any other veggie source. To start with, all the claims are true to great extent because quinoa does contain almost all nine essential amino acids for body. There are total 22 types of amino acids that are required for body for proper growth and development. In these almost 12 are made by body and remaining needs to be supplied from outer food sources. These are not present in such as outstanding value in any grain such as rice, wheat, pulses or other staple food as compared to quinoa. Though production of quinoa is not on a large scale to meet demands all over the world because it has been discovered and cultivated in recent years.

The point of debate on the quinoa protein is because of its varieties and the portion size that gives the required throat cancer protein. There are various varieties of quinoa discovered by the researches and all these do not how same or high protein contents. The nutritional value of one quinoa variety will greatly differ with that of another variety. Now coming to the portion size, if the person has to match the protein value to that of meat or eggs then he has to eat large amounts. For example if you cook one cup quinoa with water then it would give protein that would match up to one big boiled egg. Therefore there are various discrepancies about the quinoa protein content matching to meats and eggs. But anyways the truth is quinoa contains complete protein that is presence of all 9 essential amino acids for the body.

The protein in quinoa also differs by the way of preparation and actual core grain sued in the recipe. For example if it is prepared in the form of porridge with two cups of water with one cup of quinoa its protein content would provide less protein content as that of quinoa prepared with one cup of water. By reducing the fluid in preparation one could achieve almost 5% increase in protein content. So in this way with various other recipes the actual protein content will differ on the amount of grain used. Now this is all about protein in quinoa but what abut other nutrients. It is true that quinoa is considered as protein protagonists but at the same time it consists high amounts of fibers, essential minerals and not to forget great amount of carbohydrates. Overall quinoa is a real wonder grain with complete protein and great quantity of carbs.

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