The risk of sleeping with your eyes open 

Nocturnal lagophthalmos is another name for sleeping with eyes open. Sleeping with eyes open is really harmful to the eyes because the function of the eyelid can't be performed in this situation. Our eyes are exposed to the air which will evaporate the barriers form in our eyes by the eyelid, a layer of lubrication to protect the eyes from getting redness and pain. A prolong time of exposure might lead to a serious disease which is complicated and require more medical attention to gain your eyes back to the normal state. In a normal sleeping state when our eyes are closed, the function of the eyelid would take place to lubricate and keep the eyes constantly lubricated when our eyes are exposed to the air and dust. Our eyes would get dry throughout the day while we are watching or reading content from the monitor screen or television. Closing your eyes for a moment at certain time interval is necessary to prevent your eyes to dry out significantly. The severity of Nocturnal Lagophthalmos varies in young patients as they get older. It is also likely to occur during the day, patients with such condition normally do not have all of the areas in the eyes lubricated.

The condition of sleeping eyes open rarely happens because it is difficult for a normal human being to have the sleeping eyes open ability. While some call it an ability and some might label it as a disease which they are not even aware of. The function of the eyelids is to lubricate the eyes, but it is more than just about lubrication itself. The tears contains other content like natural antibiotics to help to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria. When the barrier of the eye is broken, the long duration metformin and weight loss of exposure of your eyes for several nights can lead to inflammation and other serious problems which will be even more severe when it is not treated immediately.The nocturnal lagophthalmos is considered as a facial paralysis which are caused by several things like infection, stroke, trauma and etc. Signs and symptoms like redness, pain and blurry vision might be an indication of nocturnal lagophthalmos which also includes increased light sensitivity that is painful or glaring to the eye. Consulting medical experts is necessary to identify the causes and cure immediately to avoid increasing the severity of the eye in a later stage. In certain severe cases, some patients even use a gold weight on the outside of the eyelid or even surgically implanted in the eyelid to overcome the problem. This method is practical and it works perfectly with most of the patients. The mechanism of gold weight functions in a way that it uses natural gravity and also very compatible with the human body.

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