A swollen eye in toddler is the result of some serious infection of tissues around the eye. Although this situation is curable proper medical care is of utmost necessity, make sure that you consult your doctor as soon as your toddler complains you about some eye pain or if his eyelid gets swollen bearing a reddish color. This situation in medical terms is referred to as Periorbital Cellulitis. The most common reason for the occurrence of a toddler's brown discharge during early pregnancy swollen eye is the introduction of bacterial infection into the eye lid caused by a bug bite or a scratch. In some cases a sty or a chalazion could also turn into periorbital cellulitis.

Being infected by periorbital cellulitis your toddler will not lose his ability to move eyes and his vision may not get affected. But he may suffer from a fever or a runny nose or even get affected by conjunctivitis. Depend upon the serious of the infection your doctor may have to test your toddler's blood sample or he may even refer him to an ophthalmologist. You need not get alarmed; the condition is completely curable and this could easily be treated with some medication and by paying some visits to your doctor. Your doctor will probably put your toddler on oral antibiotics or even provide him a dose with an injection. He may need to put your toddler under inspection so as to visit whether the medication is bringing the desired effect in him. To confirm this, he will suggest you to bring your toddler to him for a close examination after a day or two. Make some time to visit the doctor along with your toddler as per the scheduled appointment.

In most cases the condition gets better in a period of about 48 days or so. If at all the symptoms of a toddler's swollen eye didn't fade away, do not stop the prescribed medication; the condition could re-occur with continuous pain and a retained fever. Make sure that the complete course of the medication is administered in order to bring down the infection. If untreated the condition of a swollen eye toddler could lead to a more complicated one when the infection actually spreads to the eyeball resulting in more pain. Your toddler loses his ability to move his eye and his vision also gets affected. As such the entire eyeball gets bulged out; this condition known as orbital cellulitis needs immediate care. Your toddler will have to be admitted to the hospital to asses the situation by a CT scan or imaging and get some intra-venous antibiotics. In extreme cases he may also have to undergo a surgery to clear off the sinuses.

An untreated Orbital cellulitis as such may develop into some permanent vision problems in your toddler. Meningitis or a neurological problem could follow in unlikely circumstances. But if you are aware of the situation at an early stage and follow your doctor's prescribed treatment, you can surely ward-off any of the extreme swollen eye condition in your toddler. Your best defense is to be more cautious and act responsively by an immediate attention to protect your child from any further swollen eye infection.

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