Swollen Thighs And Swollen Upper Thigh-Causes Of It 

Swelling in the upper area of you leg is the water retention, this is sometimes also called as swollen thighs. It occurs because of a number of reasons; in this article I will give you the entire information for swollen upper thigh and the various causes leading it where as the peripheral edema is an abnormal retention of fluid in your lower leg such as in ankle and other joints. The various causes of swollen upper thigh are: diabetic muscle infraction, it is very rare but it is a severe disorder and is seen in the patients that are having the problem of diabetes from a long period of time. It does not show any systematic signs such as chills, fever, aches, vomiting and nausea. The various symptoms are intense pain, certain amount of swelling in lower body parts, especially swollen thighs and pain, which cause difficulty in the movement of your body part.

Diabetic muscle infraction is sometimes solved automatically without much intervention. Applicable treatments such as managing pain and swelling in the lower and the upper leg, restricting the amount of activities are essential in order to get rid of swollen upper thigh. These are also caused by the boils, which is an infection which occurs due to breakage of the hair. Boils in the thigh will result in the reddish swellings in the swollen thighs around the area which is affected. There are reddish swellings which occur in the area of about 5 t0 10 mm that are firm, painful and warm. They will form a yellow or white tip at the center of the area from where they will burst from. Some of the people that are suffering from this disease experience fever, swollen lymph nodes, swelling and fatigue.

This swollen upper thigh is also caused as a result of Lipoma. The lipoma is painless and movable and is made up of soft tissues. These can range from as small as 1 cm to about 6 cm or even more in diameter. These are commonly seen in the areas such as neck, torso, upper arms, upper thighs and armpits. These can occur in any age, but are especially seen in middle age of 40 to 60 years. Swelling is also seen at the place where the upper tumor is located itchy palm such as swelling in the arms or upper leg swelling. Certain types of lipoma are seen in upper leg and are called swollen upper thigh.

There are various types of lipoma such as:

intradermal spindle cell lipoma: this is commonly seen in women and can develop on the areas such as neck, trunk, and lower and upper extremities.

Superficial subcutaneous lipoma: this is formed just below the superficial skin. It can occur in any area of the body where fat is accumulated, especially in the forearms, trunk and thighs. These are crucial problems and you must concern the doctors if you see the symptoms of it. A proper medicine course can make you to get rid of it.