Sure shot Natural Remedies for Bloodshot Eyes (red eyes) 

A bloodshot eye is a condition when the surfacing blood vessel of the eye gets irritated with overflow of blood due to lack of oxygen to cornea. It could be developed with excessive strain to eyes from computer or television screen, vitamin deficiency, excessive alcohol consumption and exhaustion. This could happen to one or both the eyes which causes the respective eye to become red in appearance. One bloodshot eye could cause irritation to eyes with burning like sensation. It also happens when a blood vessel surrounding the eyes becomes dilated due to one or other reason. In such condition the eyes are painless and do not cause any irritation. But they need immediate medical attention to prevent further complications. As true with other conditions, natural remedies could provide great effects without causing any side effect and provides immediate relief. So here are some sure shot remedies for the bloodshot eyes.

  1. Increase intake of green leafy vegetables along with yellow or orange fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in Vitamin vaginal tearing A which is sole worker for eyes. With raised quantity fo this vitamin it acts on the present eye condition and reduces the inflammation caused by various agents. it would take some time to digest and absorb therefore one could try artificial pills and drops containing vitamin A.
  1. The bloodshot eyes are also formed due to lack of various B vitamins. Therefore raise the quantity of foods that are rich in vitamin B2 and B6. One could also take multivitamin tablets that have good amount of these vitamins inside. The ideal dose to curb this deficiency disorder is about 100 mg three times a day.
  1. Prepare a juice or tea out of raspberry leaves and once cooled down, soak a piece of cloth in this solution and apply it over the eyes. Leave it for almost 10 to 20 minutes and repeat three times a day. This is great fix for quick recovery from bloodshot eyes. If you don't find raspberry leaves make use of raspberry fruit but leaves contain more vitamins and other ingredients than the fruit.
  1. There are herbal eye drops available in market make use of the one that contains camphor, eyebright herb and other ingredients. These works far better than allopathic eye drops and give the much needed cooling effect to the eyes.
  1. Make a concoction or purchase from herbal store a solution that contains Ginkgo Biloba. This herb is very effective in restoring the oxygen supple to the cornea and to thereby treat bloodshot eyes. If you have one bloodshot eye then still make use of this solution for both the eyes to work as preventive element.

Regular use of these remedies won't let you say ‘my eyes are bloodshot' and would treat the condition in small duration of time.