Sore balls 

Men at times would have sexually problems like their women counterpart in which they would be shy to discuss about it. Sore balls and aching scrotum is part of the sexual problems that almost every man would encounter with in their life if they are not aware of it. What cause such problems to man especially with their sore balls and aching scrotum would be a few causes. When a man becomes sexually aroused, the blood will flow into his genitals that include his genitals even testicle pain his penis that makes it hard. When it climaxes and he ejaculates with a seminal fluid, the blood would flow out of his genitals faster than if he does not ejaculate. The testicles aching pain when they are aroused but they do not ejaculate is known as blue balls due to the fact the present of the blood is still in the testicles and the pain and aching will go away after a while when the excess blood has been drained out of the genitalia itself. Most of the time such pain in the balls or the scrotum would be help by the idea of masturbation by their own partners to ensure they orgasm. The resultant ejaculation jump-starts the sympathetic nervous system, which increases blood flow through the groin area, dissipating the fluid buildup. Even without orgasm, the symptoms of blue balls usually subside within an hour of onset, but they can also last much longer, up to 3 hours and there is no danger or pain if he does not reach orgasm at all as it is normal for men not to reach orgasm quickly than their partner. In any case, it's important that he should see a Urlogist doctor for an exam to ensure that you are not suffering on serious pain and danger of the pain itself as at times detection at a later stage would cause even more problems and danger to the menn's health if it is not be detected early and no medical treatment is been administered.

There are a few tests that men can do or self-test to ensure that they are performing and having a normal scrotum or balls without any pain at all. The test is known by testes and the test could be performing especially the testicular self-exam after a warm bath or a shower. Firstly stand in front of the mirror and use both hand to feel each of the testicle. Roll each testicle between thumb and finger as this could detect if there is any pain or danger with your balls as while you rolling it, you can detect if it is painful or not and to ensure you are not suffering from the blue ball syndrome.