Sexual Side Effects of Cymbalta (antidepressant) 

All medicines are known to cause some or other kind of side effects but the severity of these effects is what matters in most cases. As true with many other antidepressant medicines the popular Cymbalta is known to produce range of sexual side effects in the human body. If a person is suffering from any predisposing sexual problem then it becomes difficult to say whether the problem is due to Cymbalta or some medical condition. In general this medicine given for decreasing depression causes sever sexual side effects especially in men as these are mostly related to sex drive and ejaculation. The active ingredient of the Cymbalta medicine is duloxetine hydrochloride which makes changes in orgasms, ejaculation and sometimes leads to impotence. This doesn't mean that every person taking the pills would experience Cymbalta sexual side effects as many people are seen to tolerate the medicine quite well than others. Here are some of the main Cymbalta sexual side effects-

Cymbalta sex drive changes

Cymbalta is known to make changes in the sex drive which primarily decreases the will to have sex by great extent this happens both in men and women and according to studies it drops the sex drive by almost 50% which leads to other emotional problems such as irritation, distress and others. According to a study conducted on a group of people having Cymbalta on regular basis almost five percent of people reported the decrease in sex drive. The rest of the people almost three percent reported problems with orgasms. These Cymbalta sex drive changes are attributed to the ingredient that alters composition and working of the brain and neurological system.

Cymbalta ejaculation problems

Over or prolonged consumption of Cymbalta by males is shown to affect the ejaculation properties in them. Most of the men complained of delay in the ejaculation while several complained of no ejaculation at all. Several males that were prescribed with higher doses of Cymbalta reported difficulty or absence of ejaculation.

Impotence due to Cymbalta

This is mainly related to the property of errection in males. This Cymbalta sexual side effect is related to the erectile dysfunction in males that leads to erection for shorter time or failure in erection. The person would become impotent if he fails to maintain or cause erection for longer times repeatedly. Though this is rarer side effect of this antidepressant but is seen in the people with regular Cymbalta consumption.

Apart from these sexual side effects. Cymbalta also causes sever physical side effects that include insomnia, loss of appetite, pain in abdomen, recurrent infection to the upper respiratory tract and others. Therefore consumption of Cymbalta should be done only with the prescription of doctor. And any side effects should be reported to the consulting doctor for immediate treatment.