Several Causes of Bleeding from Mouth after Sleeping 

Presence of blood in mouth is often very panicky especially when no other symptoms are experienced of felt. This is true with the condition of blood in mouth after sleeping which leads to several doubts and queries. If the person bleeds while coughing, vomiting or while sleeping, the source if often predictable that is respiratory tract, gastric tract, nasal cavities or from gums and teeth. To put a finger of exact cause of presence of blood the person needs to replay the history of events on the previous days. Many times we neglect some health conditions while being at office, schools or other places which could show such effects while sleeping or coughing. The cause of this condition should be known to the person hence checking the previous day history could enlighten the problem. Some common causes could be visit to dentist on the previous day, surgery of parts surrounding nose and mouth, injury or accidental injury to head, neck or surrounding region.

If the person is experiencing regular bleeding from mouth while sleeping without the presence of any such indicative conditions then this should be investigated further for exact cause of trouble. In other conditions when the bleeding occurs at the time of working or similar activities the site of blood should be noticed to know the cause. If the bleeding from mouth persists for more than a week or occurs regularly then it could indicate towards cancer of mouth or oral cancer. With the presence of tumor under the nasal cavity, larynx or other positions could cause the blood to ooze out from the surrounding tissues. This is most probably to happen in sleep which is the reason when the person feels presence of blood in mouth while waking up. Repetitive occurrence of this condition should be checked thoroughly for the presence of malignant tumors to start treatment at early stages.

Another cause of bleeding from mouth while sleeping is the habit of clenching teeth in sleep. Several people are noted to vigorously rub their teeth together in the sleep. While doing this they might cause injury to tongue if it comes between, to lips or to gums that result in accumulation of blood bladder pressure in mouth that is detected in the morning. If the amount of blood is more then it could be indicative of internal bleeding in artery that is flushing towards mouth. This is a more serious condition and needs immediate medical attention and treatment. Many times the blood is simply due to diseases to the gums and teeth. This often causes bleeding in mouth which could be treated with proper medication.

The blood in mouth after sleepingcould be caused by both serious or common conditions which should be checked immediately with proper diagnosis.