Rare Side Effects of Excess Riboflavin 

Riboflavin is an important vitamin in B group and it helps to protect and recuperate from several medical conditions. It is usually present in non vegetarian foods but is also available in green vegetables and some vegetarian products. The need of this vitamin for the body is easily fulfilled by ingestion or consumption of foods that are rich in riboflavin. In order to prevent deficiency and as a treatment several medical practitioners prescribe oral riboflavin tablets apart from the normal B complex multivitamins. Riboflavin is a great remedy of headaches related to migraine and cancer of the cervix in females. It is also advised in the cases of muscle weakness, blood disorders and several other conditions. Normally, riboflavin is quite safe for ingestion in the format of drugs and even in excess it barely produces any fatal or harmful effects on body. Still, if the dosage is altered or changed without consulting the doctor these side effects of riboflavin.

  • Light interactions

According to studies conducted at various institutes, people with excess riboflavin in body if by chance get exposed to ultraviolet radiations show grave damages to cellular structures. With persistent exposure these people could develop cataracts, damage of liver cells and thereby liver functions, production of toxic hydrogen peroxide (destructs cells) and in some cases genetic mutations. The exact link of this vitamin and light is not known but these changes are certain to happen with excess riboflavin presence in body.

  • Change in urine color

This is the most obvious side effect of riboflavinthat could be experienced with intake of oral vitamin products. All vitamin drugs and specially riboflavin is known to affect the color of urine to change it from pale yellow to orange or dark yellow. Though harmless it often misguides the results of certain urinary examinations.

  • Skin reactions

This is another rare riboflavin side effect that is sought after as a type of reaction on skin. Overdose of riboflavin often causes problems with skin such as continuous itching on skin of arms and legs, numbness on certain type of skin or body part, pins and needle sensation on skin of certain body part and others. In rare cases it causes burning of skin which could be treated with some medications.

Oral riboflavin often interacts with certain medications that could produce certain harmful effects. This vitamin often interacts with anti depressing pills. This does not produce any effect just lowers the amount of riboflavin present in body. Therefore, if someone is taking the vitamin for cancer treatment then this could be a cause of concern. Other drugs with riboflavin only why do my farts smell so bad tend to increase or decrease the amount absorbed by the body. Therefore patient should describe the medical history and current medications before taking the riboflavin drug. Overall, riboflavin is quite safe on body and causes side effects only after consumption in large amount.