Rak Pluca (Lung Cancer)- Symptoms, Causes and Treatment 

Rak pluca or lung cancer is a wide spread disease that kills more than one million people in entire world every year. It primarily happens to men due to smoking habits and other factors. The main reason of its occurrence is long time exposure to probable carcinogens. It could also happen to a person that hasn't smoked even once in life. There are many factors that influence the occurrence of this disease but mostly is difficult to cure in later on stages. With early diagnosis and treatment the disease could get prevented. In this cancer malignant tumor get formed in the lungs that later on spread burning sensation after intercourse throughout the body. There are two types present in rak pluca which are small and on-small cell cancer. This classification is according to the appearance of cells of malignant tumors.

Rak pluca causes

The prime cause of this type of cancer is cigarette or other nicotine smoking through any mediums. After prolong exposure to the tar and other carcinogenic elements of cigarettes the lung develops into malignant tumors. It is also possible to have this cancer if you are passively inhaling the smoke of cigarettes smoked by other person in same room or same place. Exposure to asbestos could probably cause lung cancer and this is common for people working with the asbestos fiber. Exposure to similar agents through pollution also counts for the formation of malignancy (cancer) in lungs. Another cause is radon gas that is produced after the active uranium degrades and decays in open area.

Rak pluca simptomi/symptoms

The cancer causes symptoms mainly related to lungs such as breathlessness, chest pain, recurrent pneumonia, hoarseness in voice or from chest, cough that is recurrent and chronic, shoulder pain and paralysis. In earlier stages the cancer is almost asymptomatic and produces no symptoms at all instead of breathlessness. If the cancer spreads to other portions then it produces headache, bone pain, stroke, weakness and other symptoms.

Rak pluca treatment

The treatment is decided according to stage of the cancer and in later stages only surgical methods are adopted to cure from the condition. In stage one mostly chemotherapy is applied to clear or destroy the malignant tumor cells and is continued to long period. In stage two and three surgery is used along with chemotherapy to eliminate the cancer. At the stage of metastases when the cancer spreads to other parts only treatment for symptomatic relief is provided such as chemotherapy and other.

When all the above treatment is not qualified or suitable for the patient then radiotherapy is used to treat the condition.

Earlier detection is the key for treatment of lung cancer therefore attention to symptoms should be given to treat the entire condition.