QUESTION: what can cause morning allergies? 

ANSWER: there are many people who wake up in the morning with either a stuffed up or runny nose, hoarseness, hives, itchy teary eyes, and coughing. Waking up any of these allergy symptoms can really ruin the rest of your day. There are many different reasons that you might wake with these allergy symptoms. The good news is that these symptoms will normally disappear once you are no longer exposed to the allergen, which quite often is a household product you can easily get rid of.

Possible Causes of Morning Sinus

  • Pollen-this is carried in the air and inhaled in by people who are sensitive to it. It will cause the common allergy called allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Between five and ten in the morning is when pollen is usually at the highest so this is one of the reasons people may have these allergy symptoms when they first wake up. You could help to eliminate this cause by staying implantation bleeding pregnancy test inside during those hours, showering and shampooing before you go to bed to get any pollen residue from your body, and using the air conditioner instead of having the window open.
  • Cosmetics-most people work during the day so this involves, especially if you are a woman, applying makeup, deodorants, and fragrances before leaving the house. There is a possibility that the fragrance that is used in these products could be responsible for these symptoms from putting them on your skin or inhaling them. This can happen more often if you are using any new products. The type allergy that you might get is a red itchy rash on your skin where you put it on.
  • Breakfast foods-this can happen when you have a reaction to a substance that most people are not allergic too. What can happen is that your body may misidentify some foods as a threat and sets up defensive allergic response. Again, this will probably be food that you have not eaten before and do not know you are allergic to them.
  • Medications-most people usually take their medicine early in the morning so that is why, if a person is going to have an allergic reaction to the medication, is when it happens. If your body has become sensitized to a certain medication because an immune response that was incorrect, every time in the future when you attempt to take this medication you are going to have an allergic reaction to it. Usually the allergic reaction in this case would be hives and a rash. The medication that causes the most allergic reactions is antibiotics like penicillin. Other medications that frequently cause an allergic reaction include anticonvulsants, insulin preparations, and sulfa drugs.

In Conclusion

If you wake up with allergies in the morning, try to identity what is causing them so you can remove them from the environment. If they are bothersome, talk to your physician about a prescription or over-the-counter medication that you can take to help with the symptoms.

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