Pre and Post Gynecomastia Symptoms 

Gynecomastia which is also terms as bitch tits is a condition where usually due to steroid overdose or hormonal problems men show slight development of breast. This could happen to one or both of the breasts and is a great cause of embarrassment amongst them. The exact amount of growth is not specific but if not hastened in initial stages could grow into larger sizes. This is commonly seen in infants, adolescents (in puberty) and elder persons. In this condition the gland and the tissues of the breasts grow in considerable size due to various causes. The main causes are hormonal imbalance in men (rise in female hormone estrogen), excessive use of steroids and external hormonal supplements. In most cases the Gynecomastia subsides o its own and disappear in 2 to 3 weeks but in some cases it grows further to cause a permanent feature. Here are some pre and post gyno symptoms to look out for.

Pre gyno symptoms

These symptoms will be similar to that of females when the breast development is in progress or about to come. You might experience unexplained soreness in the nipples that would stay on for long time. Other than this you might experience tingling sensation around the areola or nipple that suggests tissue growth underneath. You can also experience deflation of the chest muscles whenever you try to tone them up in gym or by exercises. In normal cases deflation is observed in the chest muscles that is a great sign of breast development. These muscles are bound to inflate in men because of the presence of androgen which goes down and become lumpy in the case of Gynecomastia.

Post gyno symptoms

With the enhanced glandular tissue any person with this condition would feel rise in chest which is abnormal. The development in chest is also seen in obesity so make sure you try you decrease your weight in order to get flat chest. Another symptom is the development in nipple area. The nipples are always inflated and go puffy around the areola. They will become bigger in size with a raised tip. Some males also get slight discharge form nipple which indicates skin sensitivity to touch advanced development in glandular tissue. The breast will be tender in appearance with a rough soreness in nipples. There will be development of disc like structure beneath the nipple that is called as areola and is only present in ladies.

You need to understand that Gynecomastia is caused due to development in glandular tissues not fatty tissues hence reduction in weight would not result in reduction of breast size. Take medical help and discontinue the use of steroids to stop the growth developing further.

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