Potential Causes for Lump on Finger Joints 

There are several conditions that cause a lump or bead like appearance on joints of fingers. This is a great cause of concern for patients because it might indicate towards arthritis. But lump on finger joints is not only due to arthritis but there are several other conditions included that might cause the symptom. The lump is often painless and virtually causes no discomfort in the patient while in some cases it might restrict the movement of the finger on that joint to small extent. The swelling in joints is most probably due to inflammation of the joint tissues and fibers that cause them to increase in the size. This depends on the reason that has caused the finger joint to swell. Here are some potential causes for development of bump on finger joints.

  1. The most anticipated reason or this occurrence is the condition known as osteoarthritis. This is a condition of arthritis that mostly affects the hands and upper portion of the arms. This particularly causes inflammation of the distal and proximal joints that makes them swell and create a bump like appearance on the fingers. These could appear anywhere on the hand such as lower phalange of thumb or other areas and mostly causes discomfort with mobility of the finger.
  2. Another potential cause for lump on finger joint is presence of gout. Though this mostly affects the foot region but it could also cause inflammation of the interphalangeal junctures of the finger. This condition mainly occurs due to difficulty or problems in uric acid metabolism. The production of lump is more visible in patient taking medications for the gout. Proper diagnosis of the condition is required to direct the line of treatment.
  3. There is another condition that could produce swelling on the joints of fingers and that is ganglion cysts. These are mainly seen over the wrist region and are often painless or asymptomatic in condition. These cysts produce swelling or bump on the region which is sloppy or soft in touch. In the case of painful ganglion cyst the person needs to undergo surgery to remove them entirely.
  4. Rheumatoid arthritis a second form of common arthritis enables the formation of tubercle or nodule on the joints of fingers that gives the lumpy appearance to the surrounding area. The worst part of this condition is, these nodes would stay on the joints forever because white bumps on vagina they are not operable or removable. These often produce slight pain which could decrease with regular massaging.
  5. In a rare condition, the bump on finger joint might get produced due to infection from a strain of microorganism. This happens rarely but is a potential cause to form the lumps on the joints. This needs immediate treatment with antibiotics and other medication to resolve the swelling.

Proper diagnosis might provide relief form most the condition in most cases while in arthritis physiotherapy or other treatment options could be approached.

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