Open Heart Surgery Complications 

What is a heart surgery? Basically, there are many types of heart surgeries. It can involve blocked arteries, replacement of heart; implant certain assisting devices for those who have heart failure and many more. Patients who have agreed for all these surgeries are ready to face all the open heart surgery risks. As we all know, every surgery has its own risks and complications. So, what are the open heart surgery complications?

Open Heart Surgery Complications

Basically, there are minor and major complications in an open heart surgery. One of the minor open heart surgery complications is minor bleeding. Well, throughout the surgery, there may be minor bleeding in the pain upper left abdomen heart area which surgery is performed. Bleeding may sound scary but it is definitely a minor problem. Besides, the heart or artery may even experience minor infection. During the surgery, there may be infection since it is an open heart surgery. When the surgeon cuts open your body to treat arteries or valves, bacteria has the chance to ‘sneak in' to your body. However, it is just a minor problem.

As for major open heart surgery risks, one of them will be having stroke. There have been cases about patients having stroke after an open heart surgery. This is due to the clotting of blood after the surgery. Well, this is very serious and another surgery may need to be performed on the patient in order to treat him or her.

In addition, death may occur too. This is also one of the main reasons that cause patients to refuse going for an open heart surgery. Some patients have really little chances to survive the surgery especially when the situation is very crucial. At this particular moment, patients will consider and think if they should take the risks. However, for small surgeries like unclogging blocked arteries, death is quite peculiar.

Complications after Surgery

There are also open heart surgery complications after the surgery has been completed. For instance, emergency surgery; there are certain cases when the surgery is not successful and another emergency surgery is needed to save the patient. This can only be discovered after the surgery as there are many factors causing all these accidents to happen.

Another after surgery complication is abnormal heart beat rate. Well, after heart replacement, patient feels irregular heart beat. This happens sometimes but it is not a big problem because they can use certain devices to correct and control the beating of the heart.

On top of that, patients may also suffer from blood loss. Blood loss is quite severe because losing too much blood puts patients in a dangerous situation.


In a nutshell, there are certain risks and complications of an open heart surgery. It depends on the patient whether or not to take up the risk and also the desperation to continue living healthily. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you will not need to go through heart surgeries or any other surgeries at all.