Off-label Flomax for women 

Flomax is prescribed for the treatment of BPH (prostatic hyperplasia) which is also known as the enlargement of a prostate, a disease which is commonly found in men when they are old. Most often, it is used among men with the relative symptoms that clearly indicates the presence of BPH. The intake of flomax will not cure the BPH by itself However, it is a common practice for any healthcare provider to recommend the use of flomax for women to treat other illness or health problems. The flomax for women is widely used to treat the urinary retention in women. The success rate or effectiveness of treating this illnesses varies individually as each women has a different level of drug tolerance in their body. Some women may even need a higher dose of flomax uses or different drugs to overcome urinary retention problems. Don't every try to overdose flomax uses from your prescribed intake given by the healthcare provider to avoid any adverse health effect. The most common symptoms is headache and low blood pressure, dizziness is the most common form of signs and symptoms. However, if the situation persist until the next day please get yourself checked with doctors in any hospital.

The flomax is labelled as a category B in pregnancy medication. It shows that flomax is relatively safe to be consumed for pregnant women. Although research has been done to identify the precautions of the drug interaction to eliminate any adverse effect on pregnant women. There are still lack of studies conducted on pregnant women to identify any other possible risk and outcome produced by flomax. In order to make things clear, if you are pregnant or intend to get pregnant please consult your healthcare provider to make a confirmation whether it is safe to take flomax.

There are some side effects by flomax which is a common situation for most of the people. Runny or stuffy nose is rated as the first, followed by dizziness. Infections of common cold, body pain like back pain, diarrhea and lastly sore throat. It is advised not to skip the prescription in certain days to maximise the effect of curing the urinary retention in women, daily intake is necessary otherwise it would be a waste of money to spend of flomax if it is not taken on a regular basis. Upon recovery, it is advised to keep your health in check and not inviting a second wave of trouble again because the effect of flomax will be reduced if it is taken in the long run. Ask for advice from doctor if you are taking other medication testosterone levels chart to avoid adverse drug interaction which might cause a harm to your body.