Nutritional Information of Fried Eggs 

The egg lovers all around the world are always worried about the calories and fat they are consuming in various preparations of the egg. In whole, egg is an excellent source of protein that provides major essential amino acids to the body. Depending on the portion of the egg used and the medium of cooking the calories in eggs differ by great extent. The nutritional information i had a period can i still be pregnant also differs by the size of the egg and the portion size consumed at each time. It is quite known that yellow portion of an egg is rich in cholesterol that is bad for health and a risk factor for atherosclerosis. Even if the egg is prepared excluding yellow it does give certain amount of calories and fats when it is fired using an oil or fat medium. To give a reality check here is detailed nutritional information and calories in fried eggs.


With or without yellow portion, calories in fried egg are more than other preparations of the egg. One big size fried egg would give you almost 92 kcal and the amazing thing is almost 60% of these calories are derived form the fat present in the fried egg. Only 2% of these calories are derived from the carbohydrate content of fried egg. Out of protein almost 30% of calories are derived out of the 92. This amount of calories is from the whole egg especially regarding fat.


The whole egg fried would provide almost 8 grams of fat which is from body monosaturated and saturated fats. Out of these almost 2grams of fat is provided by the monosaturated fatty acids, almost 2 grams are from saturated fatty acids and 1.9 grams from polyunsaturated fatty acids. As the whole egg contains cholesterol so it goes up to 210 mg which is higher than any non-veg foods.


Whole fried egg is a poor source of carbohydrates and the amount is quite negligible. The amount weighs up to 0.5 grams of carbs form the whole egg fried.


The protein content differs from the mode of preparation therefore this amount should not be taken generalized for any preparation of whole egg. As far as fried egg is concerned with the yellow portion, this recipe gives almost 7 grams of protein.

Sodium and potassium

A fried egg is a good source of both sodium and potassium to give almost 95 mgs of sodium and almost 70 mg of potassium. This amount is without considering the seasoning used for the preparation such as salt and black pepper which might increase the total amount.

If the egg is cooked without the use of fat then the calories of fried egg would mount up to 72 which is quite less than the previous recipe with cooking oil or fat.

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