Nutrition in our foods - Samuel Adams 

We live in a world whereby maintaining a healthy diet is extremely hard to do. As a matter of fact research has shown that the average death penis burns amongst the people of our times now are actually a lot younger when compared to the average death amongst the people in the past few decades. This is largely due to the unhealthy influence of the daily lives we live. One of the items which have been condemned as a negative influence to a healthy life style has been alcohol. For years, the general thought has been that alcohol is bad and should not be consumed at all. When in actual fact a moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may in fact not affect our health at all and in some cases it may even help improve it. In light of the above today we are going to be reviewing a few items from a famous beer producer Samuel Adams. We will look at not only the calories in Samuel Adams beer range, but also the nutrition in the Samuel Adams beer line.

When it comes to drinking beer, the total calorie inside of the beer is always a major concern for many individuals. The generally high amount of calories in beers, are the major cause of obesity amongst beer consumers. With that being said, you will be happy to know, that Samuel Adams Calorie count in their beer are substantially lower. An example of the above can be seen in the infamous "Samuel Adams Light Beer". This beer has a total calorie count of only 119 grams in every 12 fluid ounces. That is very low for a beer, even amongst the ocean of other light beers. Generally the average alcohol consumer will tend to stray away from light beers as it does not provide the general benefits which most people search for when they consume beer. The light beer from Samuel Adams however is an exception to that fact as it has left many consumers satisfied with it as it provides similar effects as any other normal beer but at less the calorie. That is one of the many plus points for Samuel Adams nutrition in their beer. Besides that another example of Samuel Adams nutrition prowess in their beer is the well known "Samuel Adams Octoberfest". The moment any alcohol consumer hears the word Octoberfest, surely the wild and fun environment of the Octoberfest celebration comes to mind. For those of us whom are unfamiliar with the term, Octoberfest is actually a 16 day celebration which is famous for its large consumption of beer. Being an event famous for its beer, the beers which have acquired the privilege of being deemed an Octoberfest is a beer which is good enough to be served at the event. In addition to tasting good and being recognised as a good beer, "Samuel Adams Octoberfest" is also low on calories. It only has a calorie count of 187 grams for every 12 ounces.

In conclusion, Samuel Adams is a brand which reflects not only good quality beer, but nutritionally relevant enough to make it a healthier beer choice.