Nursing Is indeed a tough Job. 

Before proceeding with the assignment I would like to give the readers brief information about what is Thyrodectomy? Well it is a kind of treatment given to the patients of cancer of thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism and drug reaction to anti- thyroid agents. In this process the gland is operated and removed from the body, it is replaced. Usually it is done in the case of tumour growth in the thyroid gland.

The patient after thyroid replacement operation should be given special care for at least one month. Thyroidectomy Nursing Careis the most critical part of nursing profession because a patient needs intensive care and regular cleaning of the bandages.

We all know that thyroid is the master gland of our body which controls almost every voluntary and in voluntary action of the body.

Some of the basic reasons for replacing the master gland are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Many people ignore the malfunctioning symptoms of the thyroid glands because they are unaware about it.

Here I would like to highlight the symptoms of malfunction of HYPOTHYROIDISM.

1). Itching and spots on skin.

2). Increase in blood sugar.

3).Thinning of hair.

4). changes in vision

5). Change in appetite.

6).intolerance for heat.

7). Heart palpitations.

8). Irritation in behaviour.

9). Weakness of the muscles.

10). Problems with fertility.

11). Light menstrual problems.

12). Shortness of breath.

13). Sudden stroke of paralysis.

14). Sweating increases.

15). Disturbance in the mind.

16). Weight loss or gain.

These were the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, now I will also give the reasons behind hyperthyroidism.

  • It is mainly caused to increases in the production of thyroid hormones T4 and T3.
  • The thyroid malfunction is caused mainly due to sleeping disorder of people.
  • The wrong food habit choice of people.
  • Lack of practice of exercise.
  • Taking medicines that causes side effect in the hormone production.
  • Sometimes it is hereditary.
  • Constipation.
  • Anxiety
  • smoking of cigarette
  • food and related allergies
  • lowering of the selenium levels
  • use of sex steroids
  • excess iodine in your diet
  • thought to be hereditary
  • Hyperthyroidism can affect the embryo of a pregnant woman. It may cause abnormality in the physic or mental ability.

Different NCP Hypothyroidism Nursing (nursing care for hypothyroidism) is given below:

  1. Regular check up.
  2. Proper food delivery.
  3. Correct medicine given in time.
  4. Regular bath should be given to the patients.
  5. Proper medicines.

Especial care should be given to a patient after the operation because they can prone to infection if proper hygiene is not maintained they can also get tetanus.

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The main reason for hypothyroidism is the less secretion of the hormones from the gland which causes laziness and fatigueless in the patient. The patient suffering from hypothyroidism tends to look older than age and has shriek voice.

Constipation is another major symptom of the hypothyroidism. There is a change in the speech delivery manner of the patients.

Through this article we have got the knowledge about NCP Hypothyroidism.