Nursing Diagnosis for CHF 

What is a CHF?

CHF stands for Congestive Heart Failure and it means that the heart is not able to pump enough blood to meet daily requirements. It is usually caused by several reasons like weak muscles, infections and so on. Being unable to get enough blood is very serious and we should not underestimate what it can do to our health.

Nursing Diagnosis for CHF

In general, nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgment about 6 weeks pregnant cramping relevant experiences towards health problems. Usually, data about certain problem will be collected and concluded to be used as a nursing diagnosis. Well, what is the nursing diagnosis for CHF?

There are several common ones and one of them is ineffective breathing. Well, patients suffering from CHF will experience irregular breathing patterns which are not effective. They find it really difficult to breathe due to severe heart failure.

Another nursing diagnosis for CHF is they will also experience activity intolerance. This means that patients find it difficult to carry out daily activities and it will affect the patients' emotions. It will cause them to feel de-motivated to continue surviving as they are not even capable to take good care of their daily activities and needs.

The priority nursing diagnosis for CHF will be reduced cardiac output. Once the patient starts suffering from Congestive Heart Failure, the cardiac output will be drastically reduced. Then, there will be changes in major areas like increase of heart beat rate. This will cause discomfort to patients and they will feel really different.

Thus, knowing the nursing diagnosis for CHF helps a lot because it prepares patients to be for informative towards the disease. This can prevent patients from feeling nervous or panic when they find out that they have this type of disease.

Causes of CHF

Weakened heart muscle can cause CHF and it is one of the main reasons why does it happen. When the heart muscles are weakened, the heart can hardly operate as it could. The blood pumping action will be slowed down and eventually lead to Congestive Heart Failure. The heart is our ¡®central processing unit'; without it, we cannot survive. In order to protect it, we must also take care of its ¡®guards' - which are the heart muscles.

Besides, another cause of CHF will be hypertension. Nowadays, life has been really hectic that it has put on much stress on most people, especially those who are struggling to earn for a living. Stress can come to you without you noticing because sometimes you just take is as a normal occurrence. However, it may turn to hypertension which is much more severe than just stress. Thus, you must beware of your stress level.

In conclusion, it is equally important to know more about priority nursing diagnosis for CHF. Who knows you may need that information one day? Always be prepared before bad things happen to you.