Now You Can Enjoy Chicken Caesar Salad. 

If you are a foodie love to have delicious foods and you are worried to about the increasing weight then you must try some new food that can help to maintain the taste with health. Chicken Caesar Salad is the best option for it. Many of us love to have chicken four times a day but we feel afraid about the amount of calories that the chicken can put in our body.

It is very true that the persons who go for green vegetables are likely to gain less calories than the person eating high blood pressure dizziness non-vegetarian food because the flesh of other animal also carry major amount of fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol cause the increase in the cholesterol level of blood.

Many researchers have found that if we take salads with the non vegetarian food then it can cause great benefit to us. The Chicken Caesar Salad is the best new invention in the field of cuisines. It not only benefits you in reducing high calories but it is also delicious to taste. Many people wonder about the Chicken Caesar Salad Calories.

This is a perfect combination of vegetables and chicken. Here I would like to mention the ingredients used in this recipe and their benefit for health.

1). Lettuce Leaf: the darker the colour of the leaf the more beneficial it is. The green colour signifies that it is rich in antioxidants. It is a cancer fighter and it prevents formation of tumour in the body. The green lettuce leaf helps in fighting with various hereditary diseases like asthma, leprosy and cataracts. Lettuce leaf is also very rich in folic acid which helps in pregnancy of a woman. It also prevents the fallopian tube birth defects. Many embryos tend to get planted in the fallopian tube of a women rather than the uterus. It also prevents the NTD (neural tube birth defects) it is the extra gap in the spinal code of an embryo. Many doctors and researchers have also discovered that the lettuce leaf also safeguards a person from heart diseases, diabetes, and inflammation. The lettuce leaf also helps in washing out of extra cholesterol of the body. It is rich in vitamin C, fibre and potassium.

2). Lemon juice: as we all know that is rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice helps in treating respiratory diseases. The vitamin C also helps in digestion of the food and it also keeps the body free from harmful cholesterol. Diseases like scurvy are treated by the use of vitamin C. There are other benefits of lemon juice like it helps your skin to glow.

Obesity is also reduced by using it.

3). Olive oil: it is just like a boon for all food lovers all the old cooking oils are replaced frequently by olive oils. There are various benefits of olive oil for human. Olive oil is less in bad cholesterol, it helps in reduction of oxidation of LDL cholesterol and it increases the presence of antioxidants in the blood.

Chicken Caesar Salad Calories only 297 in your diet. More over the number of Chicken Caesar Salad Calories give to your body is very necessary for daily work out.