Negative Effects of Master Cleanse Diet on Body 

Master cleanse diet form is a menu or routine of diet that claims to cleanse the entire system of the unnecessary toxins and other unwanted stuff from the body. This diet nowadays is followed by many because of the new junk food trend that makes the body flooded with unwanted toxins and free radicals that need a complete cleanse. This diet was started to boost the quantity of antioxidant sin the body and to reduce free radicals and other toxins from the body. The diet is effective in cleansing the body but also produces certain negative effects that need clear thought. As every calorie deficit diet produce certain negative effects like hunger, cravings and all this diet also produces some negative effect son boy. These master cleanse side effects are not of a serious kind and are quite tolerable if the person is hard on his grounds to cleanse the body system.

  1. Cravings

Though the person won't feel hungry or voluptuous by viewing the food but yes certain cravings could be experienced. As you are switched to calorie deficit diet from your normal diet that contains junk food you are bound to have strong cravings for pizza, burger, soft drinks and others. Many have craving for sugar or somewhat healthier items according to them that are dangerous for the system. These cravings would be hard for first few days and alter on they will vanish completely.

  1. Micturation or frequent urination

The purpose of cleansing body is to make it free form toxins and this is only done with loads of water and fluids. And the toxins are bound to get released from urine and feces. As the toxins are acidic in nature the person might feel irritation during bowel movements. Similarly with the enhanced fluid quantity you are bound to make frequent trips to bathroom. These master cleanse diet side effects would remain till you disconnect from the routine.

  1. Embarrassing toxic drains

Apart from the bowels and urine the built up toxins would get release from many different ways that might embarrass the follower. The common paths for giving up toxins are through nose (sinus secretion), ear (wax built-up), tongue (white mass built up) and from perspiration. It would also give bad odor to the sweat and other secretions. Take it as a positive effect and think period only lasted 1 day that your maser cleanse diet is working and you are getting free of the unwanted toxins.

  1. caffeine withdrawal problems

if you are used to heavy caffeine intake either through soft drinks or through coffee then you are going to experience worst caffeine withdrawal symptoms which is a bad master cleanse side effect. As your diet does not give you permission to have caffeine beverages you are ought to go through the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

If you look at positive side then master cleanse side effects are few and tolerable. Look at the benefits you are going to receive form this diet and stay grounded.