Natural Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis 

Bacterial Vaginosis is a very disturbing and painful experience for women because it is nothing but over development of bad bacteria in vagina. It often causes huge vaginal discharge, pain after or during sexual intercourse, bad odor form the discharge and other problems. Though there are certain medicines that might curb the problem temporarily but to cure it permanently one should make use of natural or herbal remedies. Doctors are always clueless when it comes to recurring BV but with use of some natural food products the frequency and severity of symptoms could drop considerably. The typical antibiotics only tend to eradicate the bacteria on temporary basis but do not tackle the problem on root which is done by active ingredients present in natural foods. Here are some home remedies for the bacterial vaginosis-

  • Apple cider vinegar bacterial killing properties are quite well known and well attributed from many years. With regular application of apple cider vinegar which is readily available everywhere you could get relief firstly from the discharge and then from embarrassing odor. As you know bacterial vaginosis primarily happens due to imbalance in Ph value of vagina. This happens mainly after deposition of semen inside that disturbs the normal value. The vinegar restores the natural pH inside the vagina and curbs the excess growth of bad bacteria. Another reason of usefulness of apple cider vinegar for bv is the quality to restore good bacteria inside. After destroying the bad one it also restores the normal count of good one. It may seem like a fairytale but it is what actually happens there.
  • Due to regular consumption of antibiotics and other pills you also tend to kill the good bacteria because the drug is not able to discriminate between good and bad. The end result is you having recurrent bv that is a real pain. For this reason stop taking anymore antibiotics and apply apple cider vinegar instead to replenish the good one inside. Take a tub fill it with water and add the vinegar then sit inside for around 20 minutes and then take normal bath. You can also apply the vinegar directly but do not forget to take hot water bath afterwards.
  • Applying boric acid also seems to help because of the same reason. As it is acid it restores the pH count in the vagina. But for some ladies the direct applications of boric acid causes burning sensation therefore use it after diluting in water.
  • Use of yogurt orally also helps in restoring the value of good bacteria inside. For this you need to consume yogurt or feels like something stuck in throat other probiotic drinks. Along with this make use of tampon to soak it in fresh yogurt and apply in the vagina. This replenishes the bacteria count and helps with regular application.
  • Be persistent with these remedies to get lifelong effect and cure for bacterial vaginosis.