My Heart Hurts 

Chest pain is very common in this modern world. More than half of the person is suffering from it. The big question arises about the person is Why Does My Heart Hurt. Then, there are many conditions which lets the person to say My Heart Hurts. If you are suffering from Chest pain then there are following reasons which are listed below:-

Corporal Tiredness-

Sometimes person feel that are tired internally which lets the pain in heart. If you carry some heavy substance which causes pain in that particular area due to handling of heavy object.

It also occurs due to heavy work or unlimited exercise. So, the main reason which cause effect when people say Why Does My Heart Hurt or My Heart Hurtsthen the fact is running during the exercise cause chest pain which leads to discomfort and can cause to serious happenings.

Signs of Heart Attack-

When people say that Why Does My Heart Hurtthen the result can be Heart Attack also. It has no time limit as it can occur at any time.

・ Feeling of sharp sensation in the chest area.

・ Sometimes people feel hard to have breath which lead to lack of sensation.

It is very dangerous disease which causes to serious causes of the life. So, whenever you are suffering form it tries to consult it with Doctor.

Digestive Disorders-

Many people feel rigidity when they eat more food or when they eat lot of peppery food which harmful for their health. It can also happen when the food is not chewed properly which leads to harmful effect to your body and cause the pain in the body.

Emotionally distressed-

Sometimes when people feel lonely or upset due to some reason then they feel hard to have breathing. The chest is having problem and lead to pain in chest. If sometimes when people are over thrilled then also it leads to chest pain.

Pneumonia, frost, bronchitis-

In this people feel heavy and have pain in their chest and have tiredness in their whole body due to cause of this disease. Person doesn't feel comfort. If the person is suffered from pneumonia and bronchitis both then the pain is more in the chest and leads to uncomfortable to the whole body.


It is a heart disease which happens when there is no proper supply of oxygen and command of the arteries are not equivalent. It doesn't lead to a Heart Attack but can cause a serious and harmful disease which lead to a lot of pain in the heart. It can be the originator of the Heart Attack.

How to accomplish with Chest pain

There are many ways to accomplish with Chest pain when people say Why Does My Heart Hurt or My Heart Hurts

・ Concern with your Doctor regarding the chest pain.

・ Sometimes it is due to food then takes a nutrition diet which helps you to relieve from chest pain.

If you are not comfortable and you are suffering pictures of throat cancer from chest pain then get relieve from it quickly.