Meanings and Causes of Common Vaginal Discharge 

Vaginal discharge is a thing that bothers most of the girls due to its untimely presence and associated symptoms that interrupt day to day life. In normal situations a girl experiences range of vaginal discharges in and around menstruation but in abnormal conditions such as an infection or so the discharge is often discomforting. Any discharge form vagina should not be taken seriously because it could be related to regular menstruation procedures. It should be taken seriously when associated with various symptoms like itching, burning, fever and others. Several vaginal discharges simply occur due to poor hygiene of the area that leads to range of bacterial infections. The condition should be worrying of it is associated with bad odor and uncommon color such as green or yellow. Here are some of the common vaginal discharges experienced by women and their meaning.

  • White Discharge

This is a thick discharge of consistency like a hair shampoo. The color is often white and the amount of discharge is contended. These discharges do not need application of panty liners because the quantity is often low or less. This is commonly observed before the initiation of menstruation and ceases automatically after the presence of periods. To differentiate normal discharge with that of abnormal one, you should check whether itching is evident at the time of discharge. If the part is itching then it could be a bacterial invasion of the tract that needs medical attention. When the discharge is accompanied with itching, bad odor then it is termed as yeast infection which could be cured with the help of medicines.

  • Clear discharge

If you are having a clear discharge which is either of watery consistency or is viscous with no itching or odor then this is simply mucous that is present in the uterus. This indicates ovulation amongst the woman. No infection or other causes produce this kind of clear discharge. You might experience clear and watery discharge when you practice some ind of physical exercises.

  • Yellow discharge

This is not a common type of discharge and if associated with severe itching and odor that resembles cottage cheese then indicates towards infection with bacteria or other microorganism. This needs immediate left side pain treatment with antibiotics to destroy the microorganisms.

  • Brown discharge

Brown discharge during periods is very normal occurrence and happens to many menstruating girls. Brown discharge usually consists of old endometrial cells. During menstruation the whole lining of uterus is also disposed off from the body. if this procedure is not performed completely then it is postponed to the next date. On the next date the old remaining cells are disposed off from the body which is completely normal to happen.

If you wonder is brown discharge before period normal then check for associated symptoms like pain, discomfort, false odor and others to rectify the condition.

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