M2 tone- Effective Herbal Remedy for PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) in Women 

M2 tone is a new and effective remedy that is designated to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome and other menstrual disorders in women. It is complete herbal therapy that works to treat various forms and conditions of infertility in women. It mainly works on the hormones generated by pituitary glands in body that promotes ovulation and formation of other important contents. It also nourishes the mucous membrane that lines the uterus to make the organ susceptible for conception. In short this medication works in duel action to make conception possible. M2-tone is available over the counter in two forms that is in syrup form and tablet or pill form.

In ladies with the PCOS condition the drug helps to enhance the levels or secretion of estrogen that is female hormone. It also makes the uterus in positive condition by making small changes. It helps to restore normal ovulation by these actions than thereby promotes normal and quicker conception. The ideal dose of M2 tone is almost one tablet twice daily in the tablet form and almost 10 ml twice a day in syrup form. This medication is supposed to be taken after meals both the times to support the proper action. Also with the medicine it is necessary to have ideal lifestyle that contains good food and elaborative exercise.

The ayurvedic methods for detoxification or to enhance quality of eggs could be practiced with doctor's advice. After consumption of this medicine for almost 100 to 180 days the lady would get the menstruation back. The period for this menstruation would be of 60 days in the start that would slowly come to the normal 28 days cycle. Once the menstruation is achieved the drug acts on eliminating other negative effects of the syndrome and the patient gets relief from symptoms such as alopecia and others. Changes with the dosage should not be done without consulting with the doctor as it might affect the entire hormonal cycle and working.

M2-tone basically consist several herbs and naturally found materials. The main ingredients of this drug are Lotus extracts, cumin extracts, Vettiver (herb), nagkesara, clove, amla (gooseberry), gairika and other 30 different herbs and ingredients. Every ingredient performs different actions on the reproductory system and gastric system. The lotus mainly works on blood flow during menstruation along with providing good liver health. The nagkesara works to cease the heavy flow during menstruation and works as an effective anti inflammatory agent. Kankola works on stimulating the ovulation in the uterus along with maintaining liver and spleen health. Gairika works on low iron and folic acid contents in the body and treats anemia.

Overall M2 tone is a safe and effective option to consider for ladies with the PCOS or other pus filled bump pubic area menstrual disorders.