Lifestyles skyn is the first premium condom that is made with a scientifically formulated non-latex material called poly-isoprene. This material gives working out and not losing weight you the sensation of a closest thing wearing next to nothing. This provides you the softer and a more natural feel than latex. The pack comes in a set of three and twelve and the product is so thin that you don't even realize of actually wearing it. Lifestyles skyn premium condom also comes in a large size for men who need a larger size to fit in perfectly.

The poly-isoprene used in these condoms is artificial latex and doesn't have proteins that may cause allergies. Unlike the normal poly-urethane condoms they will be transmitting body heat better and give a better sensation. These can stretch and give you a comfortable feeling. Most of the skyn condom reviews suggest a satisfied quality and a pleasurable usage. They cost less and yet give a pleasurable satisfaction to both the partners involved in the sexual act. Some reviews suggest a high recommendation for every one looking for a condom that gives you a closest feeling of wearing next to nothing.

These premium condoms will not be breaking even under heavy penetration and are lubricated just right to give you an ultimate satisfaction. Most of the popular latex condoms in the market are not good for people with latex sensitivity. But lifestyles skyn are safe and are never brittle, are not sticky as latex condoms and they never give you a weird feeling of wearing something during a sexual session.

Some lifestyles skyn reviews suggest that they are the best non-latex condoms available in the market that provide you the best satisfaction ever. They are more convenient, fit well and give a great feeling. Read below what a first time condom user says about this product.

"These condoms are AMAZING. These were the first condoms I've ever used, and if this is what it feels like to have sex wearing a condom I can't wait to go without. I bought them really only because they were non latex and I didn't want my first time to be spoiled by a latex allergy, since my girl is allergic to many things, but I was pleasantly surprised! I felt every little thing and it was amazing. We both love them, and will definitely keep using them in the future".

In comparison to the popular brands as Supra or Avanti, some of the reviewers gave a better ranking to lifestyles skyn condoms. They fared better for a non-latex condom having no bad plastic smell at all. They are not the same as bareback and obviously fit in to give you a close sensation. The ring at the base is so unique that it gives you a great sensation but avoids the cutting off the circulation feeling. They are so amazing, no rubber smell and yet keep the supple and stretchable feeling of latex. It doesn't give the feeling of wearing a plastic sack around your penis and are free from nitrosamines.

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