Juvenile diabetes or type 1diabetes can affect any individual but it is much more common in children, adolescents and teenagers. This is generally caused by the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas. These cells are specialized in the production of insulin which regulates the blood sugar levels in your body. The general symptoms include dehydration, polyuria, weight loss, blurring of the vision, excessive fatigue, frequent thirst and extreme hunger. It is very difficult to calculate the average life expectancy of individuals suffering from Type 1 diabetes due to the mysterious nature of disease regarding its exact cause and due to limited data available. When you want to calculate the average type 1 diabetes life expectancy you need to consider numerous aspects. According to research the life expectancy of individuals suffering from this type of diabetes largely depends on the age at which the ailment is diagnosed.

When suitable measures like diet control and intake of the required dose of insulin are taken, a person having diabetes mellitus type 1 can live as long and healthy a life as any normal person. This ailment is simply caused due to deficiency of a single hormone in the body and although this may cause a few complications, it has not deterred people from doing anything they want and achieving their desires. For instance, you can see that the tennis star Billie Jean King, suffered from type 1 diabetes but went on to win 12 Grand Slam singles titles! Hence the term 'type 1 diabetes life expectancy', rather than evaluating the longevity of a person with this disease, impacts them negatively. As a matter of fact, the word 'diabetes life expectancy' is a misnomer by itself, because when one calculates the so-called 'diabetes life expectancy', he calculates the sum of the years lived by many different 10 days late for period negative pregnancy test people suffering from that disease; so if the life expectancy of a certain disease is say fifty years, it is possible that this figure was reached after taking the average of a person who lived for say, twenty-five years and one who lived for seventy-five years into consideration. As a result, it is quite clear that, it can't be taken for granted that a person suffering from this disease will die at fifty years because there was already a person who lived for seventy-five years with it! Furthermore, no generalization can be made as such; each individual is different from the other and have a different levels of immunity.

Healthy living is a significant aspect and has played a vital role in improving the life expectancy of people suffering from this ailment. Research is being conducted to find a permanent cure for this ailment. Until this research is fruitful we need to deal with the ailment in as healthy a way as possible. Many people like Elliot Yamin, Halle Berry and Larry King have achieved their goals and continue to live life to the fullest, despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.