Leg Pain: Causes and Cures 

Suffering from constant lower leg pain can be really traumatic. It affects your moods, your daily schedules and your overall productivity in daily life. Many a patients treated by doctors have reported severe leg pains and muscular cramps in that area without any obvious reason, such as stress or some extreme activity. These types of pains may be a reaction to some kind of chemicals that may be a part of your diet and you may never know. There are drugs that cause leg pain, which are made known through many research experiments. In order to have better well being, it is necessary to know an overview of the several causes and types of lower leg pain.

A garden type variety of constant lower leg pains is due to problems in the bones, muscles or joints making up the leg tissue. Muscle Cramps also sometimes known as Charley Horse is a sudden stiff lower leg pain often caused by muscle fatigue, dehydration or heat or low amounts of minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium or calcium in the blood. Applying heat or cold to the tender muscles helps. It is common among old people and athletes which are not well conditioned. In lump in vagina most cases it can be eased by gentle stretching and rubbing. Drugs that may cause this leg pain are medications like Diuretics, which can lead to loss of too much fluid or minerals or Statins which can be responsible for lower cholesterol and cause muscle injury.

There are lower leg pains which are caused by problems in blood vessels. Blood clots may be formed in any deep vein inside the lower leg or thigh causing pain. This condition is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It can become very serious if the blood clot travels to the lungs or any other main organ. Therefore a doctor should be consulted immediately if you suspect a clot. Blood clots are common in people who are inactive or on bed rest for a long time or smoke or are on medications that cause blood clots. Other conditions such as atherosclerosis, osteomyelitis, arthritis or gout have lower leg pains associated with them as well. Nerve damage is common among people with diabetes, smokers and alcoholics, which results in leg pains as well.

Shin splints are a type of lower leg pain which occurs when the connective tissues or muscle beside the edge of the shin bone becomes inflamed. This may occur by jumping or running on hard surfaces. It usually goes away with rest. Applying ice, taking anti-inflammatories also reduce the pain. The best way to avoid shin splints is using supportive shoes. Also, in the case of tendonitis the first sign is pain in the lower calf or back of the heel. It is a condition of inflamed or torn tendons or muscles. Same remedy used for shin splints is good enough for tendonitis as well.Apart from injuries there are certain drugs that cause leg pains and muscular pain and should be taken with care. These are for example, Antibiotics such as Minocycline, Benzadiazapines such as Temazepam, Diazepam and steroids such as Prednosolone and Beclomethazone.

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