Jagermeister and calories in jagermeister 

What is jagermeister? It is a German 70-proof digestif product, very famous in its home country as well as at international stage. Digestif is a form of alcoholic drink, one that is made mostly of herbs. It is usually taken while or after having a meal. This digestif is made of about 56 different spices and herbs and it is owned by Mast-jagermeister SE with its headquarter in Wolfenbuttel, Germany. Jagermeister was first introduced in 1935 and was made by Curt Mast, a regular hunter. It was a drink favored by foresters and hunters, thus, the term jagermeister. For the curious one, jagermeister is actually a German word where it is a combination of jager and meister, in which it mean hunter and master respectively. Therefore, when literally translated, it means hunt-master. Other than that, the logo of the drink, which has the head of a stag and a cross glowing between the stag's antlers, referred to the stories of Saint Hubertus and Saint Eustace, both of which are the patron saints for hunters.

As its ingredients are mostly of spices and herbs, it is also known as krauterlikor in German which translated to herbal liqueur. There is not much difference between jagermeister and other famous European alcoholic drinks other than the fact that jagermeister has been said to be quite sweet. Its ingredients include licorice, poppy seeds, citrus peel, saffron, ginseng, and so on. Normally, once these ingredients are grounded to powder, it is then steeped in alcohol and water for a time frame of 2 to 3 days. Then, it will be filtered and stored for a year before being taken out for filtration again. Only after that will it be added sugar, alcohol, caramel and water. Another round of filtration and it is then ready to be bottled and marketed.

As mentioned above, jagermeister is usually consumed during meal time and while there are people who take it during breakfast or lunch, it is more common to be taken during dinner time. As for the calories in jagermeister, researches have been done and according to these studies, jagermeister calories are not a lot. It is about 103 calories in jagermeister for each serving size of 1 oz. this amount of calories in jagermeister, especially coming from one small serving size, is not much compared to the heavy meal you might have took in lunch time or dinner time. Besides, jagermeister has been said to have a good property in helping with the digestion. Therefore, such a small amount of calories in jagermeister is nothing if it is good for you. After all, a good run the next day will rectal bleeding probably burn off the calories in jagermeister you had consumed.