Is It Possible to get Swollen Glands After flu Shot? 

There are many different reasons why a person has swollen glands and having them after a flu shot is a possibility. When a person says that their glands are swollen, they actually mean the lymph nodes that are in the glands and also found throughout your body, with some of them being found directly underneath your skin. They are am important part of your immune system and help to fight infections. When they become swollen, it can be caused by inflammation, cancer, or infections caused by bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasites. You can even swollen glands because of a tetanus shot reaction.

A tetanus shot (DTaP) is a combination vaccine that will protect you against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, and is give to a child between their fourth and sixth years in a serious of five injections. Booster tetanus injections are given to older children and adults when it is necessary.


There are some people who do not have any symptoms at all and only find out their glands are swollen during an exam by your physician. Sometimes they can be disfiguring, tender, and painful.

If you develop swollen glands because of tetanus shot reaction, you may have other symptoms such as:

  • Fever-this symptom is usually mild and do not go over a hundred degrees. They may have this for one to two days after getting the vaccine. You may also have chills and sweating. If the fever is over one hundred and two degrees you need to contact your physician immediately.
  • Headache-most of the time the person who has a headache is an older child or adult who have receive the booster vaccine shot.
  • Upset stomach-this can happen up to twenty-five percent of the ones who get the vaccine. Sometimes diarrhea also accompanies this symptom.
  • Body aches-along with body aches, you may develop swollen lymph glands, skin rashes, and sore joints.


Depending on what is the caused for swollen glands, or lymph nodes, is how they are treated because there is no specific treatment. The physician will usually treat what is causing them to be swollen, and once that is taken care of the swelling will go away. If it is cause by an infection, the physician may prescribe an antibiotic but it depends on what type of infection it was.

Common Swollen Lymph Nodes in Your Glands

The most common ones are usually found on under your jaw or on the side of your neck. These can signal a sign of infection such as a throat infection, upper respiratory infection, tooth abscess or infection, or viral illness. Sometimes these can indicate a cancer in your neck or head area but most of the time it is some type of infection. If you find swollen lymph nodes in the glands under your arms it could be a sign of cancer, especially breast cancer, and needs to be checked out immediately.