Information About Scoot And White Hospital Temple 

The Scott and White hospital Temple Texas is one of the most prominent healthcare service providers in the central Texas. The hospital was founded in the year of 1897 by Arthur C. Scott and Raleigh R. White. At that time, they started their medical practices in the Temple and their passion about the medicines gave birth to the Scott and White hospital. Since then, the services of hospitals are serving the humankind. Today, the hospital has become much popular in whole nation and it has been internationally recognized as the best healthcare service provider by its prominent and effective services. Experienced doctors along with specialized services both play an important role in making the hospital much popular among the people. The emergency, medical and clinical services of the hospital are its key features that commit to provide the world-class treatments to the patients.

Some Common Facts Related To the Scott and White Hospital Temple Texas

It has been discussed above that finding of hospital was made by the C. Scott and R. White during their medical practices in Temple. They made a motto that medicine should serve to the humankind. This was the first step that was made for the establishment of Scott and White Hospital. Today, the hospital plays an important role in the nation's healthcare system. The hospital has 12 other associated hospitals along with two nursing homes with effective nursing skills and over 60 medical clinics that all together serve near about 29,000 people of Central Texas. The hospital is also known for its multi-specialty practice system that can be conducted in groups also. The other highlights of the Scott and White Hospital Temple Texas are mentioned beneath-

  • The hospital has 636 beds service for the patients that is much enough as compared to any other hospital of the Texas
  • The second feature of the hospital is that it has a teaching hospital that plays an essential role in finding the futuristic doctors.
  • The policies of the blood pressure in pregnancy hospital are its one of the prominent features that accepts all the major insurance plans of its patients
  • The other feature of the hospital is that, it is a non-profitable collaborative hospital, which makes it affordable for everyone.
  • The hospital employs over 13,000 employees, 900 scientists and physicians and provides teaching to more than 400 medical residents.
  • The health plans of the Scoot and White hospital serves more than 180,000 members that is a highest health plan of the nation.

Clinical services of the Scott and White Hospital Temple Texas

The Scoot and White healthcare industry offers its medical services in various fields. The medical, surgical and emergency services of the hospital are always ready to help a victim in his hour of need. The hospital gives the medical services in the field of eye-care, movement disorder, orthopedic spine, cancer services, radiology services and it offers various rehabilitation services that are well enough to give an accurate treatment of the disease.

Therefore, the Scott and White Hospital Temple Texas is a kind of blessings for the residents of Texas because they can avail its excellent services at anytime.