Ideal Sites for Intramuscular Injections 

When it comes to intramuscular injections the knowledge of proper site in body to administer the medicine is necessary. The knowledge of proper sites would avoid any type of injury or complication and would also make the medicine to act or travel properly to the needed location. Generally nurses are well aware of im injection sites but for those who want to know, there are four sites or muscles that are capable to tolerate the medicine without causing any sort of injury. It is necessary to choose proper muscle to make the drug delivery faster and convenient. In normal terms there are four parts of body that are considered as ideal for delivering intramuscular injections. These are arm, thigh, upper outer posterior buttock and lateral buttock. The choice of site form these four could be done according to the choice of patient and their convenience. Administering IM injections at faulty sites often produce some sever kind of effects such as fibrosis of muscle, nerve paralysis, infection and others. Therefore here are four ideal injection sites for delivering medicine intramuscularly.

  1. Deltoid muscle

This is the muscle that is located in the arm region below the shoulder. To locate this deltoid muscle the person or nurse should keep hand or pal on the shoulders then by leaving fingers should move the thumb across the arm to form opposite V shape. This V should be upside down and there is the deltoid muscle and your ideal im injection site. In general the V formed by your palm should cover the middle portion of the arm. Once the V is formed the ideal site for delivering injection would be center of this V.

  1. Vastus lateralis muscle

This is the second ideal site that is present in the thigh region. To tap this muscle you need to divide the thigh in equal thirds from the front side. These three portions should be equal from the starting of the thigh to the knee region. Now the site which is ideal for the intramuscular injection is located in the second portion of the three portions made by you. This muscle comes in middle of the thigh and is capable to take any dosage of the medicine.

  1. Ventrogluteal muscle or gluteus maximus

This muscle is located in hip area and to mark the site mark the injection site make the person lye on stomach facing downward. Place your palm of hand on the hip so that the fingers should be head wards and thumb should be towards genitals. Make a V with first and second finger and administer the injection at this site.

  1. Dosrogluteal muscle

This is big muscle located at the lateral side of hip and is easily located from simple palpitation. Divide the hip in four parts and the muscle is present exactly in the middle portion.

These four im injection sites should be market cautiously to make the drug delivery whiten skin between legs simple and effective.

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