How to Write Personal Philosophy of Nursing 

If you are a nursing student and going to get admission for a nursing program or for research then they are surely going to ask you to write a paper on your personal nursing philosophy. As you guess it the goal of this activity is to guess whether you are capable of the following course or are you worth of getting the program or the nursing research permission. Though many nursing students are quite clear of their goals and objectives but if you are not the philosophical kind then don't fret here is the way to write personal philosophy of nursing. Any nursing philosophy should talk about the nursing ethics, what is nursing and what are your views or ethics about nursing or present situation that drive you. Remember these tips to write an impressive nursing philosophy for the respective program-

  • I hope you know this but if you don't then let me tell you, the nursing philosophy is not about why you want to become nurse or what nurses are supposed to do with the patients. Your paper should consist of why the present day nursing should be like this, what are the basic assumptions of nursing and then you can talk something about nursing roles that matter a lot to you. Remember every nursing philosophy is taken as a mirror of thoughts of the person so the personal touch is very much necessary.
  • Apart from nursing ethics the personal nursing philosophy also involves thoughts about current political or overall condition of the nation. You are expected to write on any social interests, legal issues or about general ethics. Describe what issues you want to change in nursing or others and do write about the will to change in myths amongst the people for nursing. You can write ‘ I believe that the concept of nursing should be taken as caring along with education and understanding'
  • Always combine your interests with nursing that is sure to impress the judges. For example if you desired of becoming a teacher or lecture say that your philosophy will be to take care of patients along with teach them for certain issues related to nursing. This would give impression that you want to contribute in spreading the knowledge of nursing amongst common people.
  • Illustrate your goals in the nursing field or what you want to achieve in life. You can describe that through this opportunity you want to culminate your nursing skills and want to become a successful student from all.
  • If you find nothing tow rite the remaining paper then pick any one of the philosophers and theorists of nursing field and really sore boobs illustrate why you like them or what points you agree on with them. Do mention some views of the basic authors and then illustrate what you like about it.

Writing personal philosophy for nursing is not a rocket science so just sit down and think about your philosophy of leading life in general and incorporate it in nursing terms that's it.