How to Prevent Dry Eyes 

As the term intimates, dry eyes is a condition where the amount of natural eye lubricant gets decreased drastically to cause grave discomfort and irritation. If not treated or prevented in time it could lead to several complications that could affect the vision and eye working property. This condition could affect person of any age or gender but most probably seen in the people of age more than 50. The lack of lubricant makes the eye red, itchy and irritant. The medications for this condition provide temporary relief to again make the eyes dry with discomfort. With the changes in lifestyle that is diet and taking some preventive measures one could escape from the uncomfortable and serious condition. Practice these simple methods to prevent form developing a dry eye condition.

  • If you are wondering how to prevent dry eyes then first thing to look at is the water content in your body. Your eyes might stop producing tears if the water content is low and the available quantity is needed to perform other vital functions in body. Therefore as a rule increase the water intake in body up to 8-10 glasses (200ml) per day.
  • Apart from water increase the intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Your cyst on labia tears or natural lubricants are made of 40% from these fats and when you increase their value in diet the tears making procedure would be fluent. Therefore apart from water also make sure to have black currents, fish and other rich sources of these fatty acids.
  • If you are working on the computer or laptop screen then staring at it for long time could also make your eyes dry. As a simple solution blink your eyes in between and while blinking stare away from the screen and take short breaks from the work to let the eyes rest. The material form which tears are made spreads through the eye when the person blinks therefore go blinking all the while you work on the television or computer screen.
  • Make use of artificial tears that are available as over-the-counter medicine at any pharmacy shops. These are different from normal eye drops and are good replacing agents for natural eye lubricant. Do not use any herbal or other eye drops without consulting doctor make sure the drops only contain tears.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses then chances of getting dry eyes are great because even if the lenses are kept lubricated, constant wear could promote irritation and lack of eye lubricant. Therefore if you notice getting irritation regularly then stop using lenses and switch to glasses instead.

The main factor in how to prevent dry eyes is to give total rest to the eyes form unnecessary strain that comes while watching television and sitting over computer for lengths.