How to Make Ecstasy Pills 

It is almost impossible to formulate ecstasy pills at home without being a pharmacist or have a degree in pharmacy. As the ingredients used in making ecstasy pills are illegal to purchase without being a pharmacy experts one could not formulate own pills at home. As you know ecstasy pills are mainly made of compound known as MDMA or 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamin. This compound is known to give ecstatic feelings, hallucinogenic responses and other euphoric experiences to the person. These pills are freely available at market but are costly on the pocket hence many people try to get the formula and procedure of making these pills at home in order to cut down on costs. If you are authorized to acquire the materials and chemicals required in procedure of how to make ecstasythen you vaginal itching without discharge could be successful in preparing them at home. These pills often contain weird or unique logos or imprints that are given by the producing firm or group. With the help of compressing machine one could cast the logos and stamps on the home made ecstasy pills.

The main ingredient of the ecstasy pills is MDMA that belongs to the family of drugs that are called as phenethylamines. This family of drugs area known to produce a euphoric effect on the brain and are mostly used in similar hallucinogenic products. Though, this doesn't mean that every ecstasy tablet would consist of MDMA because pure form of MDMA is not always considered as hallucinogenic. Some of the ecstasy pills contain another element that is MDA which is similar component that belongs to the family of phenethylamines. This substance is known to give a long lasting high to the person that lasts for long hours. Similarly in MDMA the effects last for some couple of hours. If the person is interested in knowing how to make ecstasypills then he should make use of any of the two substances as the primary element of the pills. The rest of the material in any market pill is fillers that are made of talcum powder, starch and food dye.

When these pills are prepared at home it costs very less than the marketed products. For example if a person purchases material from a chemical store enough to make 40 pills he would have to pay only 4 dollars per tablet opposite to 30 of the readymade one. The use of these pills makes the person feel euphoric along with increase or rise in the feeling of sexual activities. A sense of energy is also induced with the consumption of MDA through these pills. The drug actually works on brain to stimulate it to produce increased amount of neurotransmitters that give the illustrated effects. With the help of compression machine and the MDMA substance one could learn how to make ecstasy pills at home easily.

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