Helpful Tips for Person living with Partner having Anxiety Disorder 

Even though it seems normal, living with a partner having anxiety disorder is a complete challenge. If one person in the couple is facing this disorder then the other has sole responsibility to adjust and keep the relationship going on despite of the new day challenges. In this situation often the person that is tolerating the situation becomes frustrated and irritant for the helplessness or the absence of knowledge to handle the situation. For this reason here are some helpful tips for person living with someone with anxietydisorder. When such relation continues to go one the normal partner looses the temper and patience to take the matter patiently and to care for the anxious partner. The thing you need to learn is how to take care of him or her while taking care of yourself.

First let us understand the gravity of situation and how anxiety disorder could hamper normal couple life. The first thing gets hampered is the social life because it is seen that person with anxiety disorder fails to have a successful relation be it with friend, relative, family or spouse. For this reason social performance gets hampered and then other problems evolve out of frustration. So here are some tips that would help you to live with such person.

  1. As your social outings are fastened due to the problem indulge yourself in your favorite hobbies and interest. Having such partner doesn't mean your life is over. Concentrate on your interest but while doing this do not ignore his or her needs and wants. With your favorite activities you will get new zest for life and the much needed energy from the dull routine.
  1. Your partner don't have a social penis tear circle doesn't mean you couldn't have it too. Living with someone with social anxiety could be difficult hence try to form healthy circle for yourself. Make new friends indulge in social activities or get affiliated with clubs that perform functions and event son regular basis. This will give you the much needed break from the tensions and the strenuous routine. This will also occupy your mind to make you pliable to extend help to the partner.
  1. Perform meditation and yoga to have positive though in your mind and also suggest your partner to practice meditation on daily basis. Meditation seems to calm the mind and generate positive thoughts and seem to lower the effects of this disorder. Also maintain a normal and healthy diet for both of you to keep you going a long way.
  1. Establish contacts with in laws or your maternal relatives as they will help you to overcome different challenges of life. These are also the support systems that are ready to listen to you patiently ad give proper advice.
  1. By indulging in yourself you will get some time off from the tensions but be in your limits and never forget your responsibilities towards the partner. Expert counselors could guide you through the situation and would suggest ways to overcome the anxiety disorder to make living with someone with anxiety possible.

Never loose you calm and have your own social life to get the much needed support and valuable suggestions on the condition.