Healthy and Palatable Diet Menu for Pregnancy 

With pregnancy you are bound to various changes in body that lead to morning sickness, constipation, gestational diabetes and other conditions that make you averse everything that comes up or consumption. But understanding the condition it is necessary that your diet should give you all necessary vitamins minerals and other nutrients for proper growth of fetus and to supply needs of your own body. when your diet make sup for two people this doesn't mean you should increase the calorie content of the food plus you might be getting constipation which means you need daily dose of fibers. For other conditions such as morning sickness you need proper breakfast that would averse the need to puke. Considering all these factors here is a healthy but at the same time palatable pregnancy diet menu for your everyday meals.

Pregnancy menu for breakfast

This is extremely important meal of your complete day because here you are breaking the fast of complete night. If you are feeling pukish then do consume dry toasts made out of wheat as they help a lot to stabilize the stomach. Once you are normal and feel like eating include any of these combo menus in your breakfast.

  • Whole grain cereal that should go with skimmed cow's milk along with honey and a fruit (banana or other seasonal fruits) if you are feeling like eating then add some almonds or cashews in your cereal bowl or choose dry fruits variety in the cereal.
  • You can have dry toast along with smoothie made out of any seasonal fruit.
  • Scrambled eggs with whole wheat bread or toast accompanied with whole fruit or juice.

Pregnancy menu for lunch

Your lunch should consist of protein through meat, lots of veggies for fiber and any cereal made preparation. There are the options.

  • Whole stomach pain below belly button wheat turkey or chicken pita, spinach or vegetable soup
  • Spinach or lettuce salad with turkey, dried berries (any of choice) and roll make out of whole wheat
  • Black beans, cheese and corn salad, tortilla made of wheat or other cereal, pear.

Pregnancy menu for dinner

Your dinner should be low in calories as compared to the lunch and breakfast. Make anything of your choice that consists of rice, vegetables, cereal and fruits.

  • Soup make out of any legume like lentil and sweet potato or other available vegetable.
  • Salad made out of soybeans, spinach, cheese and scallops. The ingredients could change according to liking and availability but make sure to add protein and vegetable in this salad.
  • Potato baked with cheese and broccoli

Always end your day with calcium fortified drink or milk shake that consists of a fruit or dry fruits of your choice. Also add yogurt in your pregnancy diet menu whenever you feel like eating it will give probiotics and good bacteria for nutrient absorption.