Guideline for the Use of Phenylphrine 

Phenylphrine is an active ingredient or drug that is commonly used to clear out blocked or clogged nose, sinus troubles and flu. In the common cold or other infection the bacterium or other antigen attacks the nasal and ear passage and thereby the cartilage swells to block the nose of the patient. This causes discomfort and difficulty in breathings. As an immediate action phenylephrine hci 10mg would remove the swelling and would let the passage clear for smooth respiration. The specialty of this drug is, this is entirely safe to use for small kids and children up to 6 years of age. It is also ideal to clear out the ear passage to provide symptomatic relief to the patient. It is also need to be understood that this is not a cure for flu and cold but a medicine to provide symptomatic (symptom) relief.

Phenylephrine hci 10 mg is the standard dose for the adult and is available in the market without prescription. It is mainly available in three forms in market that are liquid or syrup, tablets and chewable tablets. It is suggested to take the pill with food or meals because many times phenylephrine causes acidity and stomach problems. Overdose of the medicine small bumps on lips could lead to grievous effects such as mental disbalance, abortion or death. The phenylephrine hci 10 mg dosageis given on the label of the drug but actual dosage should be decided on consultation with doctors. If the symptoms are not relieved or even after taking medicine the effect is not seem change in dosage or medicine could be done with advice of doctor. Prolong consumption without any effect should be avoided. The dose of this drug should not be skipped or altered on your own because it could produce changes in the total daily value and might give some side effects of the medication.

Phenylephrine causes some side effects over the bodies that are mainly related to stomach such as nausea, acidity then dizziness or headache could be felt with regular consumption. One might experience palpitations or numbness around hands and feet due to improper blood circulation. Often the effects are of mild kind but consultation with doctor or pharmacist is advised in the condition of severe effects. If you experience pain or discomfort in urination or the process, shaking or chills, mental disturbance or mood swings (anxiety, depressive thoughts) and allergic eruptions then rush to doctor as soon as possible. If you regularly consume tobacco containing any element then leave the consumption while you are on phenylephrine as it might aggravate the side effects. Overall phenylephrine is quite safe drug if taken under the limitation and with proper medical advice.