Get To Know About RNTCP Guidelines 

Tuberculosis (TB) is a common disease that is undertaking the whole world under its influence. The disease is an infectious disease that is caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease can be transferred from person to person and a single patient of TB can infect 11 or more than 11 persons in a year. The victims of Tb are increasing these days and World Health Organization presents an annual report on the topic tuberculosis. For this Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program estimates some guidelines under which WHO conducts an annual research on the topic of Tuberculosis. RNTCP guidelines play an important role in establishing a perfect base for the research of World Health Organization. However, in present time, RNTCP has set its two primer goals that are discussed below.

  • The first objective of RNTCP is to achieve a cure rate of near about 85% of the positive patients of sputum smear that are detected in the WHO tuberculosis report 2011.
  • The second and most important objective of the RNTCP is to reduce the cases of TB by 70%.

These are two foremost objectives of the RNTCP and all the medical institutes are working with the same objective to bring reduction in the numbers of victims of TB. The guidelines of RNTCP are essential to follow for all those medical clinics that are working for the betterment of the TB patients.

The major points of RNCPT guidelines are discussed below-

  • The very first guideline of RNCPT deals with the genuine research related to the complete information of the TB victims.
  • It further state that only WHO is entitled to present a global report on the bleeding when you poop topic of tuberculosis.
  • According to RNCPT guidelines, World Health Organization can conduct its research on some limited countries that are present in the annexure of RNTCP.

However, these RNTCP keeps on updating all these guidelines. That is why; it has been named as the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program that is mandatory to conduct in almost every country by WHO.

Talking about the WHO tuberculosis report 2011, it includes the record of all the patients that are affected by the TB worldwide. The report of WHO includes some major points that are discussed below.

  • It is 16th global report that is presented by the WHO on the topic of tuberculosis.
  • The research was conducted in almost each region of the world that includes Western pacific region, South-East Asia region, European region and in many more and it displays the names of all relative victims of TB.
  • The report shows that the awareness has spread among the people and a slight decrease is being made in the ratio of TB victims.
  • With the results of report, it was found that a reduction is there, in the rate of death cases that are caused by the TB every year.

These all are the major points that are found in the WHO tuberculosis report 2011 and it is said that the RNCPT will keep on spreading the people from the TB.