French Toast Calories-How Many are There? 

This is a very common dish that is served at breakfast in the United States and across many European countries. Basically the way to fix the French toast is the same all over although it is called by different names in various countries. For example, it goes by the name eggy bread in Britain and it is called Ritter in Germany. It is believed that this dish originated in Rome where they call it Romaine.

History of French Toast

There is a debate as to the exact origin of French toast but it is thought to have originated in Rome making the Romans the first people to make it. During that time period it is thought that it was fixed as a way to use stale bread so there was no food waste but at this time there are no solid records of the actual origin of French toast.

There is also a myth that is popular which states that the origin pain in right side of French toast may have originated in America in 1724. According to the myth it got the name "French" after the person who made it, Joseph French. They consider this myth pure fiction because there is a lot of evidence showing that this popular dish was used throughout history.

The majority of the people of medieval and ancient times did not waste food so they had to find ways to make stale bread edible. They made it edible by dipping the stale bread in an egg batter and frying it. They have found recipes for French toast in cook books that go back to the Middle Ages.

Nutrition Information

French toast is a good meal but if you are on a diet, you need to consider the fact that there are one hundred forty nine calories in French toast, and that is for just one slice and sixty-three of those calories come from fat. If you are counting carbohydrates there are sixteen point two grams in one slice. You do get five grams of fat but on the downside, there are seventy-five milligrams of cholesterol and three hundred eleven milligrams of sodium. Along with the French toast calories you also have to figure in the calories from the syrup you put on it.

Tips to Make Good French Toast

One way to make good French toast is not use a thin slice of white bread but you should use a thicker slice like from French bread or Texas Toast. Some people also have the misconception that you should not use stale bread but actually, this is the perfect type of bread to use and is a good way to use stale bread as they time in times past.

When you are making the egg dip, if you have cream in the house, you can use this instead of regular milk because cream gives French toast a better taste. This can include coffee creamer, half and half, or heavy cream. If you want crunchy French toast you can add a little flour to the egg mixture. This will avoid giving your French toast that soggy texture.

You can also add some different spices to the egg mixture like cinnamon, nutmeg, a little sugar, etc. Experiment to find out what type you and your family likes the best.