A unique area of the nursing profession, unlike any other is emergency nursing. Emergency nurses aim to provide quality and emergency care for people of all ages. They must have both general and specific knowledge regarding health care in order to provide the best care to diverse patients as they deal with the patients at a time when a proper diagnosis has not yet been made. In most cases, they are the primary medical care providers to the patients in need of some emergency medical attention. Their role is too crucial; a proper care at the time of emergency can give life for the patient to receive the further treatment. If a wrong treatment is given the situation could get still worse, often resulting in a sudden death difficulty breathing deeply of the patient in need of emergency medical attention. They must be ready to tackle any situation and they may have to treat serious ones like those involving heart attacks, or less serious cases like dealing with patients suffering from a sore throat.

Emergency nurses must be able to care for patients and families in a varied number and different places of emergency attention such as hospital emergency departments, helicopters, ambulances, urgent care centers, sports arenas, industry, government, cruise ships and anywhere some person may have a medical emergency or where medical advances or injury prevention is a concern and immediate medical attention is crucial.

The masses should be educated through programs to promote wellness and prevent injuries, like alcohol awareness programs, child passenger safety, gun safety, bicycle and helmet safety, and domestic violence prevention by emergency nurses. The job of these nurses is very crucial and is not limited to emergency rooms only, and they can work as administrators, managers, and researchers who aim at improving emergency health care.

In case of accidents, emergency nurses must assess the situation quickly and administer treatment when every second is crucial, especially during the initial phase of serious illness and trauma. They must tackle various tasks with efficiency, professionalism and most of all, be very caring. This requires them to be able to formulate a solution rapidly, after diagnosing the problem correctly within seconds. Professionals in this field must always maintain their cool and work with restrained emotions as they may have to provide first aid at the site of calamities and other accidents. Emergency nurses must work with a great presence of mind. Specialization is quite rare in this field as emergency nurses must be ready to provide patient care for almost any kind of situation encountered; however, some common areas of specialization include trauma, pediatrics, geriatrics, and injury prevention.

Emergency nurses must be qualified as registered nurses and many of them obtain additional certifications in the areas of pediatric nursing, trauma nursing, nurse practitioner, and various other areas of injury prevention. People who opt for this profession may practice in one or more of the following areas to sharpen their skills: Emergency Departments, Hospitals, EMS or Pre-hospital transport including ambulances, helicopters, and airplanes, Poison Control Centers.

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