Effects of Ventricular Aneurysm 

This is a well known complication resulting from a heart attack or heart surgery and often known as left ventricular aneurysm. As you know aneurysm is a condition where a nerve, blood vessel or ventricular wall in this case gets filled with blood blocking the portion form oxygen supply. This could happen at any place of body which leads to death of the portion or the surrounding tissues. In ventricular aneurysm the ventricular wall of heart is often blocked or filled with blood which blocks or inhibit the passage for blood coming out of the heart and reaching to different body parts. When it occurs in heart it is fatal because this blockage makes all organs of body face the absence of oxygen and blood. The blood flow in the ventricular wall is often due to a rupture or scar tissue that thereby gets saturated in the small passage and inhibits the smooth flow of blood. In most cases of left ventricular aneurysm death is evident due to sudden lack of oxygen.

These aneurysms often cause after myocardial infarctions which is a condition where the muscle of heart is damaged and stopped working due to cardiac arrest. Myocardial infarctions are simple heart attacks the makes the muscle performing vital function stop working due to death (of muscle). In some cases despite of the cardiac arrest the muscle survives but in a condition that is frail and susceptible for death. Then the blood still flows around the muscle in normal conditions gut as the muscle has stopped working it fails to pass any further and develops in a knob or bubble or clot that restricts the path of blood low further. This condition affects the body working but in slow pace because the total aneurysm occurs very slowly. When the process is still on the person feels extreme fatigue, lack of stamina to perform small activities and other conditions resulting from lack of blood flow to other organs.

In worst cases this bubble or aneurysm bursts due to extreme pressure or other reasons which often results in sudden death of the person. This happens in the case of left ventricle aneurysm where the bubble burst brings the heart to a halt and leads to death. In other cases if the blood flow around the blockage turns into clot and makes a successful mirena pregnancy escape from the dead muscles imposes danger to aneurysm of other organs where it reaches through the blood. When this clot gets stuck inside a blood vessel the specific organ causes extreme pain and tissue death at the end. If the clot or the blockage moves to brain area then it could cause fatal complications by blocking vein to cause stroke or other fatal condition.

There is only one treatment option open for this condition and that is surgery that removes the clot or blockage to clear the blood passage and restore life.